Past Gamebooks

You can see gamebooks for previous years here.

Please note that some of these gamebooks contain links to external websites. We have left those in place to reflect how those games appeared, but they are external sites and the links may no longer work.

Gamebook 2019
Gamebook 2018
Gamebook 2017

Gamebook 2016

Gamebook 2015
Gamebook 2014
Gamebook 2013
Gamebook 2012
Gamebook 2011
Gamebook 2010
Gamebook 2009
No Con was held in 2008
Gamebook 2007
Gamebook 2006
Gamebook 2005 – coming shortly
Gamebook 2004
Gamebook 2003
Gamebook 2002
Gamebook 2000

Gamebooks prior to 2000 are missing. If you have copies of any of these, or of the Gamebook for 2001, please contact us.