Gamebook 2007

Slot 1

1/1 Earth
GM: Matthew Ian Barrowcliffe
“I just want to know the answer! I’m King after all and none of the others will tell me, they’re all too afraid to step on the toes of Mighty Flora and Corwin. All I want to know is why is it called Shadow Earth, and what is the thing a shadow of? No other ‘Shadows’ get the prefix in his Unicorn Damned book, so what is so special about Earth that he had to label it. I want you lot to pull on your boots, get on some horses and go to Earth and find out, and if you don’t, don’t come back! Better yet, if you don’t give me an answer by the Feast of Benedict I’ll have you all killed!! Yes that should motivate you!”
Mad, bad King Random the first King of Amber (he retroactively declared all the previous kings false) is one hundred years into his reign and is sending you to Earth to find out why it is special. You were unfortunate enough to be in his throne room when he had his rant. Now with no planning you are off to invade the realm of Florimel and discover the truth about Earth, if there is one.
Characters: 100pt characters, no trump artists although any character who has walked the logrus or the pattern may have a deck. No walking the pattern or logrus without a publicly acknowledged parent. No children of Flora or Corwin. The Setting is Post all three series, Merlin is puppet king of Chaos and Random is insane king of Amber. No Stuff, but if you wish pay less for your characters then feel free!
Players: 4 – 6

1/2 We can’t stop here, this is bat country
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra 
Serenissima – A cleaned up version of renaissance Venice teetering on the brink of an industrial revolution (the ingredients are there, they just haven’t “clicked” yet).
Description: Serenissima is a good place to live. It’s a rich trading port, it has no significant military problems, and the university is a famous centre of learning and magic. In fact, Serenissimans would tell you that it’s the greatest city in the world. Until recently, that is. Something isn’t quite right.
First there were the pirates, who seemed to sail in from nowhere, harass the local shipping, and disappear without a trace. The navy seemed unable to do anything about them. They got bolder and bolder, with their attacks culminating in a raid on Serenissima itself… which was then driven off by… something. There are many tales doing the rounds, including unlikely stories involving lightning, tentacles, and a ship able to fire continuous thunder that ripped the pirate ships apart.
Then the pirates disappeared. Completely. And even stranger things started to happen. People started disappearing. Which was bad. A pack of strange land-seals-husky things invaded the bay. Then people started re-appearing. Twice. Which was worse. At least the law knew how to deal with people going missing. It had no idea how to deal with doubles (and occasionally triples) of people turning up.
And _now_ there are rumours going round of… things stalking the streets and feeding on people at night.
Characters: The players are all Serenissimans, either members of the Duke’s guard, assigned to find out what is going on and make it stop, or of sufficient social rank (university or mercantile) that when they choose to investigate, the soldiers cannot simply tell them to go away.
100 point characters but with a base rank of Chaos in all stats. No Pattern, Trump or Logrus. University characters are positively encouraged to take sorcery, and to talk to me about the details of Serenissiman magic beforehand.
Players: 4 – 6

1/3 The Sable Game
GM: Trish Hart      
The Sable Game is a serial campaign based on the Amber Diceless RPG, but is set within a non-Amber Pattern-type realm. The PCs are talented mortals who are the trusted agents of the King of Sable – soldiers, diplomats, merchants, investigators,etc – chosen to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom, and to thwart the plans of Sable’s age-old enemy, the Reich. Returning characters from any iteration of the Sable Game are welcome.
Characters: New-made characters should be built on 70pts, but with all stats starting at Chaos. Partial buy ups and buy downs are possible. Existing characters can add points to reach the 70pt total if they so desire. Most Powers are available – although not full Pattern or Logrus – and an alternate form of magic is available.. No constructs. Other items will need to be cleared with the GM.
The game website is available at:
Players are requested to contact the GM in advance to deal with character creation.
Players: 6

1/4 Two Birds with One Stone
GMs: Diana Probst & Michael Royle
An elders game, with competition among the elders, secrets, and of course a twist.
A time comes in which Oberon calls back to him all of his children, but is there a viper amongst them? Anyone willing to play the part of a traitor to Amber and/or Oberon please tell the GMs. There will be some contact with players before the con, to hash out PCs, and it is not a game for passive players.
Characters: We’ll pre-gen them.
Players: 8 – 10

1/5 One Tree Hill
GM: Alan Wake                 
“Your sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars
Carved into stone on the face of earth
The moon is up and over one tree hill
We see the sun go down in your eyes”

Three creeds, one true city. The time has come to decide who will be the guardian of the sacred relics. Should the rebels of Barimen with their new, thrusting faith be trusted?Should the Warriors of the Serpent, who first planted the tree, be its guardians now? Or is the most ancient faith of all that with the greatest right? The choices, whether driven by sword, word or magic, will echo down the centuries to come.
Characters: Can be of the Rebman, Chaosian or Amberite faction (please rank your choices). Details on Powers from the GM. 150pts characters; Constructs developed with the Shadow Knight rules will be considered if submitted before the Con.
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 2

2/1 Pattern’s Weapons II
GM: Matthew Ian Barrowcliffe     
“I was at the funeral when Oberon gave his respects, I watched the caskets full of stone being launched into the sea. Now we had to rebuild our people, our land, ravished and made dead by the war.
“Our allies had struck at us, and we had been torn asunder, yet we were strong in our grief for we had survived the war with Ghenesh and peace was due to us. We looked at the lifeless fields and the slain and twisted remains of Arden and saw only hard work and toil in our future. Every morning I climbed the Tower of the Prophets and from it saw a world being rebuilt. Our King was strong, and his heirs survived, and we took to work to rebuild our lands and our hearts. We did not know that things were not yet over. We did not know we should have been sharpening swords, not plows. There were a few who were unfortunate enough to know, who warned us, and bought us the time we needed. How much they did, how bloody the path to our salvation we shall never truly know.”
Lord Rein’s “The Bloodless War.” Chapter 2, The Great Betrayal

Characters: Yes, this is a continuation game, but it doesn’t really count as one. All the characters from the previous game are dead. There will be a slight bonus to returning characters but they will not be able to play their previous characters or people wielding the items connected to them.
For your reference characters will be roughly 32pts. You are all soldiers of Amber (be they human or shadow creatures). Tell me your strengths and weaknesses by description and give me any supernatural abilities you think you should have. If it makes life easier you can write your character under any roleplaying system.
No guns, tanks, missile launchers or other anacrotech. You are all loyal supporters of Amber or one of the Princes (Findo, Osric, Benedict, Eric, Corwin or Caine). The Setting is Pre-Books, War of Ghenesh, Corwin and Caine are teenagers and Deirdre is yet to be born.
Players: 4 – 6

2/2 Death has reared himself a throne
GM: Richard Cunningham 
Martin lies dead, killed by an assassin’s blade. As his father, King Random, grieves, fingers are pointed at the ancient foe, Chaos. The two mighty kingdoms are drifting towards war, whilst in the background the old, old arguments about succession arise again like unquiet ghosts.
In the midst of this, key members of both courts find themselves thrown together, trying to uncover the truth of Martin’s death and, more importantly, prevent a holocaust that could engulf them all. But not everyone shares their perspective……
Characters: PCs will be younger Amberites, senior/key members of the court of Amber or Chaosian diplomatic attaches (of varying backgrounds), as desired.
This game is set after the first series; the second series has not happened and is not canonical for these purposes. Custom generation rules will be issued.
Players: 4 – 6

2/3 Inconvenience caused
GM: Declan Feeney
The message came as complete surprise. Without any prior warning the words reverberated through your skull:
“Please be advised that we are experiencing very heavy usage, leading to slow responses – there are too many concurrent users. We have undertaken appropriate essential upgrade activities. This will result in the temporary shutdown of the Pattern. All services will be temporarily suspended during the shutdown. Incoming trump calls will not be lost as they will be queued for receipt and processing once services are restored. Shadow based communications will operate normally throughout the outage.
“We appreciate that this may cause inconvenience, but regrettably it is unavoidable. It is not possible to run services given limited resources without rare shutdowns of this type. Considerable effort has gone into minimising the disruption by coordinating several major upgrade projects so that only this one break is needed. The downtime will be kept to the absolute minimum necessary. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Dworkin”
Setting: Ten years after Patternfall. (Detailed Background will be posted at )
Characters: 150 Point Elders (from those who survived Patternfall with the exception of Corwin)
Players: 4 – 5

2/4 Knights of Baddon
GM: Roy Grutchfield
The great city of Amber after the books.
Description: Life is cruel and hard in the slums of Amber. You try to protect your neighbourhood against the crime, gangs, injustice and corruption of the city. The plague has struck again, your neighbourhood needs your help, as no one can afford the silver required for help from the Temple Priest of the Unicorn. Yesterday you were rescued from a beating from tax collectors by a foreign noble called Janos. You fled your separate ways agreeing to meet up at midnight in the ruins in the city dump.
Character: You are an Orphan who grew up and survived the streets of Amber. All 4 Stats start at Chaos Level and you have 10 points to spend, i.e.; Str+3, Warfare +2 etc;
Your character start with their old torn clothing, ½ silver coin, ½ a loaf of bread, a old ring (heirloom) and a damaged weapon type Heirloom (GM approve required).
Strength and Warfare are different, Warfare is planning, leadership, tactics etc; Strength is muscle, co-ordination, martial arts and feats of arms etc; No Pattern, Logrus, Shapeshift.
Players: 4 – 7

2/5 So, a tomorrow flinched
GM: Pete Marshall 
Setting is here & now. The US Legal Legate to the Court of St James (posh way of saying the FBI’s man in London) was found 3 weeks ago in an empty house in West London. Someone had slit his throat. The initial coroner’s report said suicide. The Americans dispute this finding, somewhat. To avoid the diplomatic mess that is going to result, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has decided to reopen the investigation (posh way of saying the Government told him to do so).
You’re one of people involved in the investigation, either as a Cop, a forensic type, the FBI liaison (because the FBI doesn’t think the Met knows what its doing) or the Home office liaison (there to try to stop the FBI from telling the press that the Met doesn’t know what its doing)
Characters: Characters are pre-genned, & are more or less, basic humans. (Although there are still some points for the players to allocate) All are in the 30’s to mid 40’s age range. (Old enough to be very good at what you do & young enough to be still able to do it.) But you are not an Amberite, a pattern ghost, a Lord of Chaos, a generic chaos gribley, a shadow of anyone or a descendant of any of the above. There are no Pattern, Broken Pattern or Logus initiates. No sorcerers or conjurors. No power words (although credit cards, warrant cards, court orders, cash and “you’re nicked” all seem to have a magical effect). No items, constructs, shadows or trump decks & therefore none of those smug trump artists either. What’s left? Oh yes, shapeshift. Well, there might be a bit of that, but it’s the sort of power you want to be paid points for taking. The characters will be allocated/ discussed/ argued over/ rammed down the player’s throats/ the players pleaded with to take them/ at the start of the game.
Unlike most of this blurb, however the game is mostly serious. There is also the possibility of having your character’s memories ‘played’ with. It is also a game were your actions are about as limited as real life. So no physical intimidation of suspects or witnesses, no breaking in to obtain evidence, no planting of evidence, no beating up lawyers, reporters or other low-lives, unless you’re sure it will work & you’re absolutely sure you’ll get away with it.
Players: 6

2/6 Azrael Rising
GM: Richard Urwin
The final part of the Azrael trilogy.
In six days, they say, the world was created.
In three days it died.
Just a bare handful of people survived, you among them. Beset by the forces of Amber, you gained the power of the dragon and prevailed. Your few exploratory steps led to a hundred other worlds, but no further. Finally you repaired the Dragon Paths throughout Shadow. And so now the Rosette is restored. But Shadow is a very different place from how it was when the Rosette was maimed. A new power has arisen, and your old enemies war with your new. The Rosette stands between them, breaking the Black Road and marring the Pattern. Still finding your feet, can you afford a war on two fronts? And if you come to terms with one side or the other, can you trust them to keep their word? Or is there a third choice?
I sometimes think that never blows so red
The Rose, as where some buried Caeser bled;
That every Hyacinth the Garden wears,
Dropt in its Lap from some once lovely Head.
And we, that now make merry in the Room
They left, and Summer dresses in new Bloom,
Ourselves must we beneath the Couch of Earth
Descend, ourselves to make a Couch – for whom?
— Omar Khayyam

Characters: The characters are humans to be generated before the con, by the players, and based on 100 points. Dragon power costs 50. Points are spent from a base of Chaos as you normally would from Amber. You can spend as many or as few as you like on any attribute; you are not limited to the -15 point human or +10 point Amber level.
+1 point per 100 words of background submitted prior to the convention.
See the website: for much more information.
Preference to returning characters, but all welcome.
Players: 6

Slot 3

3/1 Brand Awareness
GM: Rob Edwards             
You are Brand, and triumph is within your reach. You let yourself sleep, safe in the knowledge that now you finally have the Jewel of Judgement in your control, you could delay the decision about what to do with it a little longer. What you didn’t expect was that when you awoke you would not be alone. Worse, all the people in the room with you each claim that they are Brand and that you and all the others are imposters. You cannot let the others have the Jewel, only you know how to use it properly, but what to do when you are all so precisely matched?
Characters: Pregenerated Brands.
Players: 4 – 8

3/2 Tales from the Rampant Unicorn
GM: Declan Feeney
Throughout your time in the Navy it had been something of a joke. “When we muster out we’ll start a bar. We can call it the ‘Rampant Unicorn'”. The Unicorn was one of those wild ideas you never really thought will come to fruition.
Now however Admiral Caine is dead – along with what seemed like half the Navy you attended his funeral. Since the funeral King Random has been downsizing the Navy, and you’ve been given your marching orders along with what seems to you like a quite considerable muster payment. And down by the docks there was this old warehouse. It was about the right size, well situated for servicemen and sailors, near where the wine merchants unload, and best of all, when you all chip in your muster there was enough to buy it, re-fit it and stock it. The Rampant Unicorn opened for service.
Now though problem is Bloody Bill’s. Rumour has it this town ain’t big enough for two bars.
Setting: Four months after Caine’s Funeral in Trumps of Doom.
Characters: The Characters are sailors from Caine’s Navy. They were important to Caine so they are somewhat exceptional, but they are probably not family. Characters will be built on 50 point using partial powers (Detailed rules will be posted at )
Players: 4 – 5

3/3 Aurellis
GM: Tim Hart
Continuing adventures in the universe of the FBI Special Operations section, the British Regiment of the Keys, and parallel dimensions of worlds, where strange civilisations seem to think that Earth is either a resource or an opportunity for gain.
Multiverse? What multiverse? What sane person could ever believe that just by stepping into a metal carriage with no windows, you might be transported to an entirely different universe – I mean really!
(otherwise known as modern day earth with some weird things going on).
Characters: Existing characters are always welcome to return – new characters start on modern day Earth, somehow connected with either FBI or British army special operations, and characters are generated prior to the con using a quiz I will send out. Players are requested to contact the GM prior to the convention.
This game may run late into the evening.
Players: 4 – 8

3/4 The Curse of the Serpent
GMs: Simone & Keith Pharoah-Metcalf
In a time of technological marvels and Gothic beauty, guided by the King’s flair and genius Thelbane has grown in splendour, a living jewel at the heart of Chaos.  Some few began to question the right of King Mandor, Sword of Darkness, Heart of Chaos and Beloved of the Serpent, to so reshape the very fabric of the First Realm.  And some have descended to Thelbane’s depths, never to return.
You are a Hero of the Great War (Patternfall was merely a skirmish), you may even have slain one of the Princes yourself, or been the one to return the Eye of the Serpent to King Mandor, and the King has been generous. You and your family have prospered like never before in the years since the destruction of Amber, and while you retain the King’s favour, you need have no fear of your nearest and dearest.  However, the King has become somewhat erratic of late. You may have been lucky enough to gain from one of his sudden whims, or not. Still, it is clear that his instability can only be followed by the abrupt end of his reign. Where will you be when the dust settles?
Characters: Characters are the surviving offspring of the Ruling Families and should be created on two hundred and fifty points with Shapeshift for free. More details will be sent out before the ‘con.
Players: 11

3/5 to be announced
GM: Andy Ransom

Slot 4

4/1 Prince Swap
GMs: Alistair Morley & Richard Cunningham
“Helgram…Hendrake…Jesby…” Random read down the list and whistled through his teeth. “These are the Great Houses of Chaos. That’s…a good sign; they’re serious about wanting this to work. I expect, I know, that you’ll give Amber’s best.” He regards you earnestly with the manner of every disastrous good intention.
In the wake of Patternfall, the Kings of Amber and Chaos are eager to enhance relations and cultural understanding. A temporary exchange of nobility seems just the ticket; an opportunity to learn about government, indulge the local colour, and forge the lasting personal relationships that are the basis for peace. Pack a toothbrush, broadsword.
Characters: Light-hearted game of unlikely couples managing vicious internecine conflict. Players are either Amberites despatched to command the Great Houses of Chaos, or their Chaosian hosts / partners. Custom generation lists.
Players:  10 – 12

4/2 What Lies Beneath…
GM: Herman Duyker
This story plays on the same “stage” as last three years games “Fear itself”, “Soul of the City” and “The Sleeping City” though it is not (strictly) a continuation. All players (new and old) are certainly welcome.
Description: “Some lay in dead men’s skulls; and in those holes
Where eyes did once inhabit, there were crept
As ’twere in scorn of eyes, reflecting gems . . .”
— Shakespeare, Richard III, I:iv:29-31

Amber, the immortal city. Forever, majestic… all of the cities in all the worlds are only her reflection.
It is late summer, early fall, the harvests are brought in, the grapes made into wine. Merchants cross her streets, ships rest in her harbour.
But not all is well… though King Random reigns from the Castle high above, neither he nor his sisters and brothers are seen much, these days.
There are rumours of something stirring, deep in the Forest of Arden. And what is the purpose of those Travellers, dressed in their colourful garments, always willing to tell your future if you cross their palm with silver?
Characters: You will be playing “normal” people living in the City or Castle of Amber. 50 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs, “0” point level for stats is Human.
More info will be sent out before the ‘Con.
Players: 4 – 6

4/3 Sapphire & Steel
GM: Roderick Easton
All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.
In the middle of the badlands of Mexico is a remote Government Research Lab. Nobody knows quite what it is they are researching, or for who but whatever it is, there’s strange things happening nearby…
Characters: Characters will be generated using the Legion system, customised to the setting. Return characters are welcome, but will need to be reworked to fit the updated rules. The game is not suitable for crossover characters.
Players: 5

4/4 Those meddling kids in trouble again
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
There are a few things the family money can’t sweep under the rug, and the cold-blooded murder of your frail, elderly Great-Aunt Clarissa seems to be one of them. There’s also the little matter of her bullet-ridden servants and grand-daughter. At least Uncle Caine is on your side…
Set in a similar world to our own, but about 70 years ago. Influences of Indiana Jones, etc.
Preference to returning characters from either year, especially those currently in possession of a recently fired gun or blood-stained knife… New players also welcome.
Characters: Characters are young adults with a knack for sticking their noses in where they aren’t wanted. 20 points available. Powers: Probability manipulation 10 points, Communications 10 points, Disguise 5 points, Self-Healing 5 points. Stats: 10 point limit, 10 points makes you an Olympic athlete, chess grandmaster etc., 0 points is an average human, any higher than 3 points represents a significant investment of your time that should be reflected in your background. Stuff limit: 2 points. Good stuff could be a nifty item, bad stuff could be an outstanding warrant for your arrest (oh yes!), be creative.
More details will be available before the ‘con.
Players: 6

4/5 Kashfa: The Return of the King
GMs: Astrid Tops & Jan Pieter de Graaf
Despite general expectations, things haven’t been going too badly for you lately.
As (self-)elected rulers of Kashfa you have found your ways to continue to line your own pockets as much as your fellow councillors will allow you to get away with. But something is stirring: the commoners have been restless of late, and there have been rumours. Only whispered at first in the quiet corners of the old winehouses, but they have been steadily getting louder and louder. There have even been a few new songs by the mariachi players adding extra weight to the idle peasant gossip: The King will be returning to Kashfa!
There couldn’t be any truth to these rumours, surely? Rinaldo, the last true King, has not been seen in Kashfa for longer than anyone can remember, and there have been occasional stories, though unconfirmed, of his untimely demise. Anyone claiming to be him could just as easily be an imposter.
But what if the rumours were true? Will the position you’ve so carefully acquired and maintained for yourself pass an inspection by the Royal Eye? Will you be able to hold on to everything that you have gained while at the same time making sure that your peers will not fare so well? Or are these rumours (true or not) merely another opportunity to be seized upon for your own personal advancement?
Characters: This is a merry backstabbing comedy freeform in the more or less continuing setting of the rather corrupt banana republic of Kashfa. Players will be playing members of the governing council. They get to choose a basic concept and stats before the game ( a short contact before the con is therefore mandatory), and the GMs will write individual background, plots, motivations and goals to make sure everybody can play and interact with everybody else. Returning players get priority, but we have plenty of open slots for new players. Also, new players will start on equal footing, they have the same amount of points and position to work with. Returning players can bring old characters or create new ones (after all, the wheel of fortune in Kashfan politics spins wildly). Kashfa is a setting where character flaws in PC’s are larger than life, loyalty and competence are not in great supply, especially not in your followers, so basically expect things not to go as planned. On the other hand, since that is also true for the opposition, anything goes.
Players: 8 – 10