Gamebook 2004

Slot 1

1/1 Proving Yourself
GMs:Matthew Barrowcliffe & Helen Dixon

Description:There is only one way to get ahead in Amber, prove yourself to Oberon. At least that’s what his children are trying to do, especially as an army is conveniently invading while he is on holiday and incommunicado.
It’s almost as if he rigged it all to be a test.
Characters: This is a freeform LARP, set before Corwin ever went missing. All characters are pre-generated, please rank the following in order of preference: Benedict, Bleys, Brand, Caine, Corwin, Deirdre, Eric, Fiona, Flora, Gerard, Julian, Llewella, Random. Character sheets will not be handed out until the day of the convention. 
Players: 13

1/2 Pattern Dancing
GM: Genevieve Cogman 
Description: On taking the throne of Chaos, King Merlin decided that it would be a good idea to have an Amberite Embassy present in the Courts. You fortunate young nobles have been assigned to help staff it. Don’t worry — prejudice against the distant land of Amber and its insane prejudiced warmongering royalty is unlikely to reflect on Embassy staff. In between handling Amberite Princes, threats of war, state policy, spying, organised crime, and other little matters, the King has a little private request for you… 
Characters: You are young nobles of Chaos; please tell me the House you belong to (either one from the books, or something of your own invention, within reason). Having an Amberite parent is possible, though unlikely. 120 point characters — shapeshift is required, nothing Exalted, anything Advanced by significant negotiation (you are all young), Sorcery and Conjuration somewhat simplified and requiring negotiation with GM, Power Words nonexistent. No hugely overpowered items please, and definitely no Constructs. Suggest a reason why you got assigned to the Amber Embassy, or be prepared to have the GM decide on one. 10 point contributions accepted. 
Players: 6

1/3 Fear Itself 
GM: Herman Duyker 
Description: Dead bodies floating in the harbour. People disappearing from behind Bloody Bill’s. When the sun goes down, all sensible people close their windows and stay inside. 
What is that ghoulish light coming from Fona’s tower at night? And who is digging up corpses in the graveyard? 
Characters: You will be playing “normal” people living in the City or Castle of Amber. 50 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs.
Players: 4 – 6

1/4 Come Hell and High Water (Great Expectations IV) 
GM: Tim Hart & Jason Pickering 
Description: And so it came to blows! The truth about how the plan to redraw the Pattern was seriously compromised by the conflicting visions of the most senior members of the family is now exposed. So now, those who went to fight the War against Chaos now face the unexpected danger from a traitor with his own designs. It now falls to those who were left behind to try to find a way to make contact with those at the Front to warn them, to find some way to cross the Maelstorm before it is too late. 
Characters: The game is set in a Victorian-style Amber and is a continuation of the ‘Great Expectations’ series, so priority will be given to returning players. Returning characters have an extra 10 character points and 10 influence points to spend. New characters will be either young Amberites in the 15-20 age group, brought into Amber before the rest of the family set off for the Patternfall War ten years ago, or Amberites returning to the city for some reason, possibly from the War itself. New characters will be built on 75pts, with an additional 15 influence points. 
Players: 8 – 10

1/5 The Sable Game 
GM: Trish Hart 
Description: Returning to the trials and tribulations of the agents of the King of Sable. Mistaken identity, shady dealings and a lovelorn princess – what more can a faithful servant of the king want!
Returning characters welcome, although note that this particular scenario was played at ACNW in 2000, and playtested in England a little before that. The setting is not Amber per se, although it is a Pattern-based world. Details can be found at
The PCs are the trusted agents of the King of Sable and his family – soldiers, diplomats, merchants, investigators, etc: the most talented of the mortals, chosen by His Majesty to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom. 
Characters: Characters should be built on 50pts (maybe slightly more for returning players), but with all stats starting at Chaos. Full details on character creation will be sent out once players have been assigned. 
Preference will be given to returning players. However, spaces permitting, then new players will be accepted.
Players: 6

1/6 The Blood of The Unicorn 
GM: Richard Urwin 
In the days before the final battle of Patternfall the children gathered in Amber, to await the return of the triumphant host or to fall in defence of Amber. A year passed, and a second was waning when the pennants were seen emerging from Arden. The Regency of the Children was ended, but before the new king could sit on his throne there was a feast to prepare. The children carried out their last duty. Few there were that would ever see the dawn. 
Characters: The characters are children of the Elders to be generated before the con, by the players, and based on 75 points with pattern for free. No advanced powers, Shadow Knight or partial powers. +1 point per 100 words of background. No stuff. Other contributions and artifacts only by arrangement with the GM. Parents will be allocated by the GM. 
Players: 6 – 8

1/7 This Mortal Coil 
GM: Alan Wake 
Description: You are one of the Sefirot, the royal children of Binah and Hokhmah. For millennia you have ruled the realm of Leah, never having to worry about human concerns such as death, plague or hunger. Your reclusive mother has shut herself away and allowed her children to rule as well or as badly as they might. Empires have risen and fallen, but the Sefirot always survived. Now, though, things have changed. There is a death in the family, and the first signs of age have darkened the eyes of the mighty. Who do the gods turn to when their faith has been shaken? A stand-alone scenario in an alternative Amber universe, using part pre-generated PCs. 
Players: 4 – 6

Slot 2

2/1 Undertow 
GM: Simone Cooper 
Description: With 5000 years of history behind her, Amber is still the upstart realm, a mere spark on the horizon of the Abyss. Still her children and grandchildren walk where they will, warping Shadow’s weave and marking the veils with the scars of their passing. Oberon and his get were part of the original compact. You, the grandchildren, were not. You’ve come of age, and the Pattern has accepted you, and all the old deals are broken. The mistake will be corrected, or someone will have to pay. 
This game may be of particular interest to those who have played any iteration of Dave de Jong’s “Mine Fill of Blood and Glory,” run at ACUK by Murray Writtle several years ago, but it is open to all. 
Characters: Create characters or bring select crossover characters based on 100 points plus Pattern for free. No advanced powers, but descriptions of specific abilities above basic will be considered. Characters _must_ have interest in Amber. Requests for parentage will be considered, but should be talked through before you create any detailed back-story. More history will be provided as soon as the player list is known. Please do not sign up for this game if you will not be able to communicate by e-mail or telephone in the weeks leading up to the con. Players must have e-mail access. 
Players: 11

2/2 Give peace a chance 
GMs: Richard Cunningham & Alistair Morley 
Description: The Patternfall war is over. Weary armies lie across a Chaos which is defeated but not vanquished. In the context of a distrustful truce, the thrones of the Serpent and the Unicorn send delegations to hammer out a final settlement. In the former, an ailing Swayvil draws representatives from the surviving great Lords of his realm. In the latter, Random’s distrust of his siblings places the responsibility with a younger generation of Amberites. 
Sealed together in shadow, these adversaries must gain the best possible deal for their respective lieges before the sands of the truce run out. But they will discover the process tainted with emnity, greed, and personal agendas that will see more than just ink spilt before a final treaty is signed…. 
Characters: A ‘two-team/many-factions’ game of power-politics, betrayal, and murder. Characters will be either younger Amberites or Lords of Chaos, built on 140 points; all will have mixed Amber/Chaos heritage to one extent or another. Powers are based on a bespoke partial/advanced costings list, available from the GMs. Backgrounds with GM consent, or will be provided if desired. We enjoy hurting powergamers, so no twinkie stuff, OK? 
Players: 10 – 12

2/3 The Hidden Valley 
GM: Roy Grutchfield 
Game Type – Crossover Amber(Kids)/Narnia 
Description: 1820 shadow earth, you are on the way to India, passed the cape and there is a terrible storm. The ship goes down and you are ship wrecked. You awaken on a nice warm sandy beach with the waves lapping around you and the sun shining and a light breeze and you feel hungry. Your most prized possession is an old animal shaped amulet that you found in your Parents Attic. You have strange dreams about the animal when the moon is full. 
Characters: (To be done on the day, but please came with a character name) 
Psyche: CHAOS Strength: HUMAN Endurance: HUMAN Warfare: HUMAN 
(Psyche can not be sold down) 
Age & Stuff =13 
Points = Age 
(Points above does not count stuff) 
(ie, if aged 10 you have 3 points of goodstuff and 10 point elsewhere) 
(Max age; boys 15, Girls 17) 
When washed ashore your character may be carrying up to their AGE-4 items, you get for free a Shirt, a pair of Trousers (for boys) or a Skirt (for girls) and undergarments. Each player to pick a different animal for the amulet, eldest characters get to pick first, (if the same age girls first). (Nearly no special (Magical) items allowed.) 
Example characters:- 
Jane: Age 9 
Psyche: Chaos +1 
Strength: Human + 3 
Endurance: Human + 2 1/2 
Warfare: Human + 2 1/2 
Stuff: +4 
Items: Amulet(Tiger), Sun hat, Gold pen, Chocolate Bar, Walking stick(Silver tipped) 

Edward: Age 12 1/2 
Psyche: Chaos 
Strength: Chaos (ie; Human +10) 
Endurance: Human + 2 
Warfare: Human + 1/2 
Stuff: + 1/2 
Items: Amulet (Guerrilla), Boots, ½ a bar of Kendle Mintcake, Tinder box, Flintlock pistol, Bag of powder, 3 shots
Players: 3 – 5

2/4 The Worm In The Rose 
GM: Tony Jones 
Description: It is just short of the first anniversary of King Random being crowned in Amber, some thirty-two years after the Elders went to fight in Chaos and about eighteen months after they returned. Benedict, Fiona and Caine are Amber’s viceroys in Chaos, ruling until matters stabilise there; there is no such power as the Logrus. Major celebrations of all kinds are being planned for this auspicious day, and the City is crowded with visitors from across shadow. You, as the younger generation of Amberites, are required to present in Amber for the celebrations; how involved you are in their preparations is up to you, but you _will_ be taking part in the celebrations. But everything seems well as the first year of the Age of King Random comes to its end. What could possibly go wrong? 
Characters: Characters all members of the Royal Family of Amber built on 100 points, with Basic Pattern for free. The powers available are Shapeshifting, Trump and Magic. See for many more details on the game, or ask me. 
Players: 6

2/5 The High House of Amber 
GM: Phil Lucas 
Description: A gothic game based on the book The High House. 
The High House is the Universe within four walls. The rituals and routines of the family and servants guarantee the safety of everything that is. Now the Master of the High House is missing, presumed dead. His exiled heirs must return to their childhood home and find the relics of his power before the Agents of Chaos can force their way in and bring it all tumbling down. 
Characters: Basic Amber Rules with slight amendments. Characters to be based on the Elder Amberites. 300pts. 
Players: 6

2/6 The Second Corey Family Reunion 
GM: Andy Ransom 
Description: The year is 1937 and you have been invited to New York by the wealthy American Eric Barimen to take part in a Corey family gathering. Included with your invitation was a ticket for transatlantic travel on the airship Hindenburg… 
Characters: Partially pre-generated with some room for player tweaking. 
Character will be shadow earth dwellers who are (unbeknownst to them) descendants of Corwin. 
Note:This game follows on from The Corey Family Reunion but is not a sequel, no knowledge of the previous game is required and any returning players are unlikely to end up playing the same characters. 
Players: 6

2/7 Echoes of Shadows 
GM: Michael Royle, Marie Colwell, Fraser Hotchkiss & Martin Smith 
Description: Game is set in Amber ruled by King Random (for some months since patternfall), Oberon is dead, the Courts are defeated, Corwin is missing, and all is not well. The Pattern is fading and Dworkin has been appearing and vanishing around Amber Castle crying out that Multiverse is coming to an end. Over a period of some months shadows have been collapsing on themselves, reality has been dripping out. You are a child of Oberon, born to power, but now it seems doomed to extinction. The Courts of Chaos has already fallen into the Abyss, and all is doom and gloom. Except Dworkin who has announced an end of the world party, location and time as yet unannounced. 
Characters: Freeform. Elders, built on 250 points +/- 10 points of stuff. No Shadow Knight powers and may need to consult with GM on some stuff 
Players: 9 – 12

Slot 3

3/1 Mission: Implausible 
GM: Tristan Barback 
Description: “Agent 67 has recently been investigating “The Red Sabre”, a group of Kashfan terrorists who appear to have come from nowhere. Their stated goals are to prevent Kashfa’s application for Golden Circle membership going ahead, and the overthrow of King Luke. As you know, that whole sector of the Circle has been restless lately and any trouble in Kashfa has the potential to make matters much worse. Agent 67’s body was found floating in the river in Jidrash this morning. We think he found something, but he was killed before he could report in. I want you to get out to Kashfa and find out what is going on. Agent 10 will give you a full briefing downstairs.” 
Characters: Characters will be generated before the Con, with 25 points available and a limited selection of powers and artifacts. Full details will be sent out closer to the time. 
Players: 4 – 6

3/2 Killing Time 
GM: Genevieve Cogman 
Description: You are riding back to Amber together, to celebrate that merry occasion, the Feast of the Unicorn. Alas, it seems that Tir is glowing ominously, that strange things are happening, and that you aren’t even going to get the chance to get drunk first. Be prepared to question the future, the past, and the present, while travelling through time and space on a mission which you don’t understand but which you’ve been assured is vital to the safety of the universe! Ponder the eternal question of why the hell the older generation can’t handle these little problems instead! 
Characters: Post-Patternfall, Merlin and Random on their respective thrones. You are young Amberites, children of the Corwin generation; parents by negotiation with the GM, who is understanding and sympathetic and wouldn’t really do stuff by making you the lovechild of Brand and Deirdre after their Abyssal sojourn… 120 point characters — nothing Exalted, anything Advanced by significant negotiation (you are all young), Sorcery and Conjuration low power in Amber and somewhat simplified and requiring negotiation with GM, Power Words nonexistent. No hugely overpowered items please, and definitely no Constructs. Cooperative characters good, ultra-high-angst not so good. 10 point contributions accepted. 
Players: 6

3/3 Desperate Measures (Based on a NWN Module by Carlo) 
GM: Declan Feeney 
Description: Oberon is missing. Prince Eric, regent on the Throne of Amber, has passed sentence on you. Now you languish in a dank cell beneath Amber, imprisoned on Death Row. You have been stripped of all your gear, and given jail clothes. There are only a couple of days before you are to be executed. Several other death row inmates are prisoners with you, so at least you aren’t alone. Things are looking bleak. 
Characters: Your character can be from anywhere, have done anything – I’m leaving it pretty much open. The only restriction is that you cannot be an Elder (Son / Daughter of Oberon) but their Children would be available as an option. All I require is that you to submit your character’s story to me by 21st June. You need not write a book, but the more elements you can include in your story, the richer your experience will be. I do suggest you cover the following though: 
What was your crime for which you were imprisoned? 
Were you guilty? 
What were the circumstances of your capture? 
Who are your Enemies, Friends or Family? 
Where are you from and how did you end up in Amber? 
What are your deepest fear, biggest regret, and best memory. 
Have you ever killed anyone? How did it make you feel? 
What was worst thing they ever did and why? 
How trusting or suspicious are you? 
What I don’t want is anything resembling stats.
Note: Please do not share information on your PC’s background with anyone prior to the game. 
Players: 4 – 5

3/4 Angels in Amber 
GM: Phil Lucas 
Description: Where Amber meets In Nomine 
God abandoned His Creation long ago, leaving the Archangels to continue the War against the Demons. Now the Shining City of Amber itself is under threat from the Legions of Chaos. Are these the Final Days ? 
Characters: Basic Amber Rules with slight variations. 
Characters to be angels (Amberites) from choirs led by the archangels (Elder Amberites). 100pts. 
Players: 6

3/5 Last Writes 
GM: Pete Marshall 
Description: Set at the start of the third series, 5 years after Merlin became King of Chaos. Peace has broken out with a vengeance across Amber, Chaos and all points in between. So much so, that Flora is now seems the most influential family member across shadow. The rest of the family seem to be in various states of languor.(or intoxication) Nothing exciting seems to happen anymore. The only area of major activity these days is trade and what do you do when you have made more money than you could possibly want? 
Characters: Characters may be either an Elder (200 points includes Merlin) or a child thereof (non-elder Characters from the books, i.e. Martin etc or standard PC characters. 130 points). Everyone gets basic Pattern (50 points as in the rules) as a freebie. (Yes, you are an Amberite!) However, the following ARE dead Osric, Finndo, Caine and Brand. (Yes, Luke killed Caine. Children of Caine may feel as vengeful as they want, they just haven’t done anything about it.) Elders will need to buy those things/abilities they are noted for.(Random with the Jewel, Bleys & Corwin , swords, Fiona loads of Psyche etc) Advanced powers ok, anything else talk to me (you’ll probably get it) 
Players: 3 – 6

3/6 In the box 
GM: Alistair Morley 
Description: “Where am I….What am I doing here…. Who am I? ” Waking entombed within a vaulted room, a motley collection of Amberites and Chaosians confront each other. With their memories clouded by some dark power, they must league together to escape and uncover the mystery of their identities, purposes, and imprisonment. But do they really want the truth, when each new discovery reveals their divergent missions, strange alliances, and deadly enmities? And is everyone really as ignorant as they appear? A claustrophobic, paranoia-fuelled game of cruel manipulations in the best Amber tradition, where players may know more about each other than they do about themselves. 
Characters: A game for up to 7 younger Amberites or Lords of Chaos, including at least 1 “traitor”. Volunteers welcome. GM will distribute guidelines on character generation; so players will even be vaguely uncertain of what powers they have… at least at first. 
Players: 7

3/7 Yes Your Majesty 
GM: Astrid Tops & Jan Pieter de Graaf 
Description: It has been over a hundred years since the Princes of Amber and their armies marched off for the final confrontation with Chaos. In the meantime, Amber has been quietly ruled by prince Gerard, and by you, his trusty ministers. With Amber and the Golden Circle drawing closer together, bureaucracy has flourished like it could never have done under the reign of King Oberon. Now suddenly you will have to face the Return of the King. A young and inexperienced king, however. Will you be able to run rings of red tape around him? Can you befuddle him with procedures, regulations, and paperwork? Will you be able to hold on to the power you have gained for your department and your own greater glory? And can your plots and schemes help to diminish the status of your rival departments and their ministers? In this arena swords are purely ceremonial, for true power lies in eloquence, wit, and the ability to make the absurd seem quite reasonable… 
Characters: This is a freeform with pre-written goals and backgrounds for all player characters. Every player will take on the role of a Minister of Amber, responsible for one or more ministerial departments. No points, powers, violence or magic required, this is a game of bureaucratic scheming (there was a reason why you all stayed behind when the army marched off to war). Go watch some Yes Minister and study Sir Humphrey Appleby as your role model. Contact us before the game if you want to put some personal flavour in your character set-up. 
Players: 5 – 8

GM: Edwin Voskamp & Andy Ransom 
Description: Grand Design is a pioneering firm researching, developing and providing new media Internet products and services, using advanced alternate technologies for wireless products. 
The website at will give you more of an idea about life and work at Grand Design. 
Characters: Characters are all Grand Design permanent employees from a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Network Design to Internal Security, returning characters welcome. New players also welcome, but new character must be generated before the Con. Players must contact the GMs prior to the game! 
Players: 8

Slot 4

4/1 Dusk of the Dead 
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe 
Description: It’s 20 years into Random’s reign. The Elders are all missing. Shadow is overrun by Zombies and you’re the only family members left to deal with the problem. Characters: 200 points. No shadow knight weirdness. No Shadows. No Items worth more than 8 points. More details of the Zombie invasion will be given once characters are submitted. The characters believe themselves to be the soul survivors of Amber or Chaos. 
Characters: 200 points. No shadow knight weirdness. No Shadows. No Items worth more than 8 points. More details of the Zombie invasion will be given once characters are submitted. The characters believe themselves to be the soul survivors of Amber or Chaos. 
Players: 4 – 6

4/2 Target: AMBER 
GM: Patrick Brady 
Description: So you’re on a hijacked plane with a few associates and the chance to decide the fate of Amber. You’re running out of time, fuel and chances to survive. The future looks bright. 
Characters: Returning players mainly. 
Players: 8

4/3 The Return of the King 
GM: Richard Cunningham 
Description: Peace reigns in Amber. Random’s rule has left family feuding in abeyance, and the total withdrawal from Chaos years ago removed the last major source of conflict. The Kingdom has entered an age if not of peace and prosperity then at least quiet griping and relative calm, far removed from the strife and destruction of the Patternfall War. 
But unrest is beginning to bubble beneath the tranquil surface. The King is troubled, and starting to act strangely. His siblings are dusting off the old intrigues and family rivalries. And rumours are surfacing in the city, telling of sightings of a figure thought dead and gone. Caught in the middle of all this, you have a choice: fight for the status quo, or seize the moment and carve a place in a new order as the legacy of the past comes home to roost. 
Characters: This is an Amber-centric game of intrigue and bloodshed. Characters will be younger Amberites, based on 125 points, with a bespoke partial/advanced powers costings list, available from the GM. Chaosian heritage is permitted, but the blood of Amber is a must. 
Players: 4 – 6

4/4 Pretenders – Angel of Darkness 
GM: Herman Duyker 
Description: NOTE: This story follows on from previous year’s ‘Pretenders’ games. I would like to give preference to returning players, if at all possible, but new players are certainly welcome. 
Four years ago, some of you escaped from the place known as ‘The Centre’ –and discovered a whole new world out there. A world of violence, a world of intrigue. 
You have returned to Castle Amber with Prince Corwin, who some of you can call father. There, Uncle Random rules as King. 
Characters: The characters will all be playing children and youths, aged 7 to 20. Characters will be built on 50 points with +10 points max for contributions, and a +- 5 limit on stuff. As this is not a ‘standard’ Amber game, most powers are unavailable — likewise, no Personal Shadows, Allies, or Items. Full background will be sent out before the con. 
Children of Corwin are preferred.
Players: 4 – 5

4/5 to be announced 
GM: Rob Edwards 
Description: ??? 
Characters: ??? 
Players: 6

4/6 Cluedo 
GM: Declan Feeney & Rob Hodkinson 
Description: The patternfall war is over. It transpired much as Corwin described. Caine has been found dead during the evening following Random’s coronation. The body was found at the foot of the stairs leading to the dungeons. Fiona found the body. Apparently, her yells were heard in the city! 
With 10 Suspects, Weapon and possible scene of crime, deducing the truth behind this crime will not be simple. Whodunit, Where and with What? Perhaps it would have been easier if everyone didn’t have a hidden secret, and an ulterior motive. 
Characters: This game will be run as a freefrom. Pre-Generated Elders will be provided, and power levels balanced based on how many other characters have reason to want you dead. Please notify the GMs of your top three choices from the following list: Benedict, Bleys, Corwin, Gerard, Julian, Martin, Merlin, Fiona, Florimel, Llewella, Vialle, Moire. Character preference will be given to players requesting characters the same sex as themselves, and characters distributed on a first request basis.
Players: 10 – 12

4/7 Once Upon a Time in Kashfa 
GM: Astrid Tops 
Description: In the large, ongoing war between Chaos and Amber, Kashfa has been recently occupied by the Chaosians. A new offensive by Benedict however turns Kashfa back into frontline territory, and the Chaosians are running away! If that isn’t a wonderful opportunity for the Council of Kashfa to take matters into their scheming little hands one more time. Those that held on during the occupation intend to keep matters into their own hands, and those that recently returned in the slipstream of the Amber offensive seek to regain their lost positions! With help of their mostly incompetent and disloyal followers of course… 
Characters: This is a merry freeform for scheming bastards, set in the same setting as the former games Viva Zapata! and the Mask of Kashfa. Players with council experience get priority (same or different character), but there is more than enough room for more schemers here, and prior knowledge is not required. As I’m going to run this as a freeform, character creation will be something of a co-production: you tell me what you want to play, and I’ll help set up your assets, info and your goals. Those that do not contact me in time will have to play a pre-gen character. Oh yes, as the previous times, dressing up for the part will give you a 10 point bonus. 
Players: 8