Gamebook 2015

Slot 1

1/1 Stranger Still…
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra
A game for 6-8 elders (except for the known or suspected dead ones) or their children, set not very long after patternfall, and dealing with the consequences thereof.
Unavailable elders: Deirdre, Brand, Eric, Oberon, Dworkin, Corwin and anyone else the GM decides is game breaking.
Characters to be built on 200 points plus free pattern for elders, 100 points plus free pattern for hildren. Children may not take advanced powers.
Children of Corwin may take his pattern instead of the Amber one.
Anyone playing an elder may get Free Stuff added to their character sheet by the GM, depending on the elder they pick. Everyone likes Free Stuff, right?
Since you all characters will have pattern, no pure-blooded chaosians.
Characters: If you’re an elder, think about what you did leading up to patternfall.
Think of some dirty secrets you may have, or what knowledge you may have pursued out of sight of your interfering siblings. If you do not have a dirty secret, one will be provided for you.
If you are a child, as above for what you did in the lead up to patternfall, but you don’t have to have a dirty secret.

1/2 Kashfa – Sin City
GM: Tym Norris
(This game is heavily influenced by the Kashfa series of games that were run by Astrid Tops.)
Prior to the Patternfall War Kashfa was a sleepy backwater Shadow in the Golden Circle best known for the corruption, laziness and incompetence of its inhabitants. During the war it was one of those places you invaded simply because it was on the way to somewhere important. After the war it would have slipped back into insignificance except for the fact that the locals had got used to having rich foreigners around.
And so Kashfa re-invented itself as the Las Vegas of the Golden Circle with vast amounts of sex, drugs and gambling – and corrupt locals.
Characters: The characters will be movers and shakers in the new Kashfa seeking to increase their power and influence.
Character creation will be a co-operative effort between the GM and the players. The rules for which will be sent out later.
NOTE: This game will require substantial player input before the game which will influence the plots. If you are unable or unwilling to do this then this is not the game for you.
Players: 6 – 10

1/3 Hostile Territory
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
There are rumours that there is a plague sweeping Amber, a plague that is killing important, maybe even royal people. There are also rumours that the cure is being suppressed or kept exclusively for the family. The plague has become known as smugglers’ fever, and many have been found floating facedown in the harbour. Some sailors and foreign visitors have also suffered from the rising paranoia.
Fortunately rumour does not yet mention that you are the only people who know where the cure might be found, or that the only shadow producing a cure is now a smoking wasteland, but rumours do have a nasty habit of catching up with the truth.
Characters: Whether you got here on your own merits, or because someone else engineered it, you are now right in the middle of Amber’s biggest crisis since Patternfall. Characters could be career military, explorers, sneaky bastards or other interested parties. Some minor powers and abilities available. Character creation details will be sent out later.
This is a sequel to last year’s game, but new players are welcome.
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 2

2/1 Burning coal
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra
It is the turn of the century (1901) – The empires of Europe, driven by vast industrial combines steered by the new difference engines which have alowed organisation and industrialisation on an unprecedented scale, jostle for power, edging ever closer to war.
You are all individuals who are extraordinary in some way, and for one reason or another (patriotism? greed? bargaining your way out of a sentence?) you work for the organisation known to everyone as The Ministry.
Characters: Think of a “schtick” or concept, such as:
Invisible man
Mad scientist (actually they prefer Enlightened Engineer)
Experimental super-soldier
Master/Mistress of disguise.
Basically, pick a concept from literature or movies or your own imagination, think about what sort of powers that concept would come with, and describe them to me.
And one primary attribute out of:
Strong – lifting, hitting
Dextrous – pickpocketing, piano playing
Agile – unnecessary backflips to get past security
Tough – getting punched, getting shot and shrugging it off
Untiring – you just keep going
Intelligent – mathematics, chess, mad science
Quick-witted – improvised combat, macguyvering, fast-talk
Strong-willed – hypnosis, sorcery or resiting the same
If you think of a different primary attribute that fits your concept better, that’s fine too.
You may also buy further attributes by balancing them with weaknesses:
You might be Dextrous and Agile at the cost of being Fragile (anti-Tough).
And a reason you work for The Ministry:
– are you a Loyal and Patriotic subject?
– the money’s too good to say no?
– they know where the bodies are buried and you’d rather not be buried there yourself?
– they control the supply of the drug that fuels you?
– something else?
You will be briefed on your mission by your superiors at The Ministry on a strictly need-to-know basis.
Players: 6

2/2 Black Chamber: The hunt for the Krasnyy Ved’ma
GM: Pete Marshall
It’s now September 2009 and everything is not fine. Having removed the threat of the Sanguinity of Moros, your superiors are a little unsure as to what to do with you. This may be due to the side effect of your elimination of the upper echelon of a hive mind construct, the Egregore, by using the Russian Federation’s treaty breaking cache of thermonuclear weapons. Their breeding facility under the Mount Yamantau Command center is now just so much radioactive rubble, as is the rest of the mountain. The shock of this event has killed all the Egregore outside the mountain; so the Earth’s safe (ish), but it also simultaneously killed almost the entire Russian ruling class. (No prizes for guessing whom the Egregore used as incubators.) While Russia is descending into anarchy, the rest of the planet is looking for answers as to what is happening. However, it’s time you return to active service. You are among the few members of the Chamber that can be “imbued” with ability to travel to parallel worlds and a mission to somewhere else has its merits. Not least of these being that you are in some other universe.
Characters: PCs are humans, with 20 points for stats starting from human, further 15 points for skills (mods to the underlying stats in suitable cases) and 15 for powers. Players will be sent notes describing character generation & other alterations to the rules.
Current time setting for this game is mid September 2009.
Players: 6 – 7

2/3 On The Trail Of Darkness
GM: Jason Pickering
It is 1923. Last time we met, it fell to a group of hardy souls to overcome an otherworldly Evil that threatened London, so the ordinary folk can sleep in their beds safely. However, the danger still threatens the wider world and yet again a call has gone out for the Empire’s heroes and heroines. Will you answer? This game follows on from last year’s ‘For King and Country’ game.
Characters: Characters are exceptional Shadow dwellers, heroes and heroines typical of those found in pulp fiction. A modified character system is being used and I will send details to players once the games have been allocated.
Returning and new characters welcomed alike.
Players: 5 – 7

2/4 A Black Road Adventure
GM: Richard Urwin
Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans is not a bed of roses; the academic regimen is punishing and the discipline is worse, but never let it be said that life is boring. Few other schools even have a stable-block, and none of them have a Spectrum SPV parked in it, even if it is a little worse for wear. With the Eternal Society gone, the school and everyone it protects is safe for now, but for how long? War is coming and Earth itself could be wiped from the face of shadow. The stakes are raised; where do you stand?
Characters: Characters comprising teenagers of between 12 and 16 years to be created by the players before the con. For Character design requirements see the web-page or contact the GM.
This is a continuation game; new and returning characters are welcome.
Players: 6

Slot 3

3/1 The Golden Circle
GMs: Jonathan & Sarah Amery
Queen Moire is dead, and Queen Meinwen (Martin’s daughter) is to be crowned Queen of Rebma. You have been looking forward to the coronation for weeks – it will be the social event of the decade, and everyone who is anyone will be there. Except, it seems, you. You are instead being sent off on an errand that isn’t important enough for anyone more senior to be saddled with…
Characters: All the books are loosely canonical. Players will select their character’s grandparent.
Characters must be someone who would be invited to the coronation of Queen Meinwen.
The characters will be divided into two teams, and there will be competition between those teams.
Characters MUST be created before the con. It would be helpful to receive the grandparent and a trump image ASAP.
Characters will be Amber +50 with some partial powers. See for further details.
Players: 6 – 14

3/2 Through a glass, darkly
GM: Herman Duyker
Rain. Hard, drumming, pounding rain. It’d been coming down for hours, days even. And it was supposed to be high summer.
The one good thing is it keeps the guards inside. The bad thing… well, who likes rain?
The rain also hides things. Makes things fade in the distance, wash away. And who is this dame staying in the one good room at Bloody Clem’s? Trouble, in the shape of a black-haired beauty with skin more olive than one usually sees. Wouldn’t give her name, said she was related to Father Ezra, of the local Shrine to the Unicorn, but wouldn’t say how.
The fishermen are happy, though. They’re bringing ashore the strangest of catches…
NOTE: This will be an Amber City story. This story plays on the same “stage” as my earlier games “Fear itself”, “Soul of the City”, “The Sleeping City”, “What lies beneath… “, “Ill-met in Moonlight” and “Sung in Shadow”, though it is not (strictly) a continuation. The game is essentially a horror-mystery, the style tends towards “lighthearted horror”, if something like that exists.
All players (new and old) are certainly welcome.
Characters: You will be playing “normal” people living in the City or Castle of Amber. 50 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs, “0” point level for stats is Human.
I’ll send out info before the convention with the particulars.
Players: 4 – 6

3/3 The Réti Maneuver
GM: Alan Wake
“That accounts for the bleeding, you see,” she said to Alice with a smile. “Now you understand the way things happen here.”
“But why don’t you scream now?” Alice asked, holding her hands ready to put over her ears again.
“Why, I’ve done all the screaming already,” said the Queen. “What would be the good of having it all over again?” “

(Alice Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll)
Characters:  Characters are the champions of their respective Shadows.
Events occur post-Patternfall. Details on Powers and backgrounds from the GM.
Characters are based on 75pts with a free 5pt Shadow.
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 4

4/1 ///— Clearance GHOST ARGENT BLACK Eyes Only —///
GM: Herman Duyker
“By the abjuration of Dee and in the name of Claude Dansey I hereby exercise subsection D paragraph sixteen clause twelve and bind you to service from now to forevermore.”
You had a life of your own, once. Might have even been recently. You work for the British government, and have for a few years. That’s what your family and friends know. And it’s not entirely false. The secret organization you work for is called the Laundry because the original Q department of the wartime SOE was based above a Chinese laundry in Soho in the 1940’s. Welcome to your nightmare.
The characters are all members of the Laundry, a British covert government organization whose members have to deal with magic, demons and British bureaucracy at the same time. Think Lovecraft meets MI5 meets The Office. The game will try to hit a mix of humour and horror, and is inspired by the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross (crossed with a dash of Amber, Chaos, and all in-between).
Characters: You will be playing “normal” humans on present-day earth, working for The Laundry. Character creation info will be sent out before the con.
Players:  4 – 6

4/2 Black Chamber: They’re dead, Jim but not as we know it
GM: Pete Marshall
It’s now September 2009 and everything continues not being fine. The Corey Anomaly  has switched from a world full of Nazi zombies to one that just seems full of plague. According to the Research side of the Chamber, the plague makes no biological sense.
So far simple quarantine measures have sufficed to prevent any more than a handful of cases, which were easily treated in most cases but there is an entire planet worth of something to investigate and someone has to do it.
Congratulations, now you’re someone!
Characters: PCs are humans, with 20 points for stats starting from human, further 15 points for skills (mods to the underlying stats in suitable cases) and 15 for powers. Players will be sent notes describing character generation & other alterations to the rules.
Current time setting for this game is end Sept 2009.
Players: 6 – 7

4/3 A Pelican in Amber
GM: Mel Mason
This game is in part a continuation of Nine Princes in Blandings and What Ho, Amber, being set in the same PG Wodehouse universe, with elements of the thrillers of the 1930s – Dornford Yates, Sapper, John Buchan and Bulldog Drummond.
It’s high summer (again) and things seem relatively quiet …only Uncle Eric and Aunt Flora are in residence at Blandings. Uncle Julian seems to have recovered from his financial worries. At least – the bailiffs have moved out of his house. Uncle Corwin is shooting big game in Africa, Random and Vialle are cruising in the Med on their honeymoon …Uncle Caine is off doing whatever it is that Uncle Caine does (and England is truly grateful). Everything seems delightfully tranquil.
And then you receive an imperious summons from Aunt Flora – you are to come at once. Does this have anything to do with an outbreak of jewel thefts in the county? Or possibly with rumours of a new and scandalous musical being staged in the West End – The Pelican Years?
Characters: 100 point characters. New and returning characters are welcome.
We’ll be using a variant of the Gentlemen and Players rules here, created by Timothy Ferguson (see I’ll supply full notes.
Your character will be a Drone (or similar) – male or female – in other words young and irresponsible, possibly impecunious but possibly surviving on a family allowance. You can create your own character or play a canon PG Wodehouse character from any of the novels or short stories (please let me know which you’ve chosen – I haven’t read ALL Wodehouse). The older Amberites are your uncles, aunts and parents – except that Flora and Fiona are EVERYONE’s aunts. You should still find this game fun if you have never read or seen any Wodehouse or the thrillers, but notes on the basics will be provided for players.
Players: 4 – 8

4/4 Descendants of Amber
GM: Andy Ransom
You always knew you were different, special in some manner, but you didn’t know why until you were contacted by a mysterious stranger calling himself Ghost. He told you you were not alone that there were others like you and what’s more there were also people hunting you!
A game based on Shadow Earth with a slightly Heroes-esque (as in the TV show) flavour.
Note this is a new scenario and while it will build on the events of last year’s game, no previous knowledge is required, new and returning players welcome.
Characters: Characters are all of the blood of Amber but grew up on shadow Earth with no knowledge of Amber or shadow. Powers and abilities will be limited to those you could have inherited or learned while growing up on Earth (basically no Pattern/Logrus/Trump or Shadow travelling abilities).
Full rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 6