Gamebook 2010

Slot 1

1/1  Serenissima: Apocalypse How?
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra
Description: Welcome to Serenissima! A shadow of Venice in the grip of a steampunk industrial revolution, where the players are members of the secretive (or not so secretive?) cabal running this powerful city-state and its trading empire – the date is 50 years since the events in the last Serenissima game, and Serenissima has scaled the heights of power and influence – all her rulers need do is sit back and enjoy the rewards of being the masters of the richest and most powerful state in the known worlds. And deal with any _trifling_ problems that may crop up…
Characters: Players start with Chaos rank for free in all stats, plus 110 points to spend as they see fit (no Pattern, no full trump artists), but their characters should work as members of the ruling class, as per the background.
Players: 6

1/2 The Sable Game
GM: Trish Hart
The PCs are talented mortals who are the trusted agents of the King of Sable, chosen to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom, and to thwart the plans of Sable’s age-old enemy, the Reich, as well as those of newer enemies who have come on the scene in recent years, and any other threats to the Kingdom which might arise. Preference will be given to returning characters from any iteration of the Sable Game.
The game is based in a Pattern-based world, but the setting and NPCs are specific to the Sable Game. Full details are available on the game website at:
Characters: Character generation is based on 80 points starting at Chaos stats, and only limited powers are available to players. Players must have email access.
Players: 3 – 7

1/3 Blood will have blood
GM: Steven Kitson
Mealtimes are the slow tick of Castle Amber’s clock, as the royal family and their guests gather in the Great Hall to await the arrival of the King. The babble of many conversations is usual, the rustling of gowns and shuffling of feet likewise. But not the scream as Martin appears above the high table in a rainbow flash and three pieces, the smashing of glasses and crashing of plates, and not the moment of absolute stillness that follows.
The war is over, and under King Random and his Queen, Amber has enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity. But now the Crown Prince has been murdered, and those determined to find out why will find themselves in danger – and possibly uncover the dark secret at the heart of the dynasty of Amber…
Characters: Characters should be built using 100 points and the original rulebook, be of royal blood, and have a motive for finding out what happened to Martin regardless of who warns them to leave it be.
Players: 5 – 6

1/4 Party Like It’s 1999
GMs: Tym Norris & Michael Royle
“The King is dead! Long live the King!”
Swayvil the First, King of Chaos lies in State and the Great & Good of the Courts of Chaos are meeting in solemn conclave to elect his successor.
Unfortunately that’s not you lot – As the sons and daughters of the Lords of Chaos you don’t get invited to such important gatherings. But all is not lost, Vincent, son of Swayvil, who also is not involved in the conclave, has invited you to a grand party by way of compensation.
Which you will naturally attend, since this will allow you a chance to meet your fellow Chaosians and iron out some of the inter-House problems that your parents have been too busy to resolve, as well as dealing with more personal matters.
Characters: This is a freeform of intrigue and plotting set in the Courts of Chaos, with pregenerated characters. A Casting Questionnaire and full information will be sent before the game. Costuming is recommended but is not obligatory.
Players: 8 – 10

1/5 Mercenary Maladies
GM: Andy Ransom
“He was a mercenary, a Robin Hood figure out of Eregnor, and a sworn enemy of Amber.”
— Merlin about Dalt in Prince of Chaos
As a member of Dalt’s elite mercenary unit (the most successful mercenaries in living memory) life can be pretty good. Then again it can also be pretty dangerous especially when Dalt assigns you one of his “special” projects.
Most of Dalt’s operations take place on the fringes of the Golden circle, or more covertly inside the Golden Circle or in Amber itself.
Note this is a new and entirely stand alone mission, not a repeat or continuation of last years scenario, new and returning players equally welcome.
Characters: Shadowfolk who are highly trained mercenaries. That doesn’t just mean “muscle”, you might be an engineer or a scout or a “security” mage, but ultimately you are all loyal and trusted members of an elite military unit lead by Dalt.
Rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 6

Slot 2

2/1 The Tower
GM: Richard Cunningham
It was going to be so different… Just a couple of decades into Random’s rule, the royal family are scheming and intriguing against each other once more. A new war, they say, is a matter of when, not if. The Courts hover around the edge of the impending doom. And out in Shadow, the Storm grows…
The time has come, now, for the Princes of the next generation to enter the fray, and decide where they stand – and who they will fight for.
Characters: Characters will be younger Amberites (or possibly Chaosians with Amber blood). Generation will be slightly bespoke – rules will be circulated by GM once players are allocated.
Players: 6

2/2 Labyrinth of the Abyss
GM: Anthony Edmonds
Far beneath the flowing earth of Chaos, beneath the bickering of the houses, removed from the battle between the forces, lies the Abyss. An eternal, ever-present mark within chaos, scoring deep into the earth in a great protective ring. It is said to be deeper than the most wisdomous philosopher, deeper than any ocean conjured up in shadow… and much to your dismay, it is into this pit that you find yourself falling as the forces of chaos batter your army, forcing them back, back and down, their awful wailing cry of victory fading into the darkness… and it is to your surprise when you awake on a ledge built, jutting out from the wall of the Abyss – who knows how far down. Before you now is a great writhing gateway leading into the rock and earth… unless you’d prefer to wait outside. The players will find themselves entrapped within the depths of the abyss, within strange tunnels filled with all manner of strangeness. Traps, riddles, physical challenges and more await anyone fool enough to brave the Labyrinth of the Abyss. Escape, may well be the least of your concern.
Characters: The players can distribute 10, 5, 5, and 0 to their four stats.
There are no powers directly wieldable by the players at the start.
Characters are very new Amberite level. Gen on the day, won’t take long.
Players: 4 – 6

2/3 Inconvenient Truths
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
Knowledge is power, and if you want your secrets to stay that way you’d better be prepared to take drastic action to keep them. Somebody else certainly was. You’re not sure whether it was your secret or theirs that started this, but you obviously came off worse. The last few weeks are a blur, and not in a good way. You don’t know how you got here, but the furniture is screwed in place, there are suspicious stains on the floor, and the disinfectant smell isn’t quite strong enough to block out the less pleasant odours. On the plus side, you’re a Prince of Amber, dammit, and revenge will be yours.
Characters: 100 points. Pre-Patternfall. You don’t have to be from Amber, but obviously ran into someone who was, whether you knew it or not. Some pre-generated characters also available.
Players: 6 – 8

2/4 Shadows of Reflected Light
GM: Jason Pickering
The weeks and the months after Oberon’s redrawing of the Pattern were difficult, but now the rebuilding of the city is going well. Tir-na Nog’th has been spotted once again in the sky and Arden is opening up. Gerard as the Regent, is looking for volunteers to see what state Rebma is in, especially as all previous attempts at contact have failed.
Characters: Players are members of Amber Military, civilian specialists or refugees from Rebma. Modified character generation will apply – I will contact players.
Players: 5 – 7

2/5 The Mystery of Missed Trees
GM: Richard Urwin
 Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans is not a bed of roses; the academic regimen is punishing and the discipline is worse. But with the summer here again it is time to put all that aside for a camping trip into the Californian forest. It is a chance to let off steam in glorious natural surroundings. Horse-riding, canoeing and all sorts of outside pursuits are a welcome escape from the blackboard’s tyranny. But who are the strangely compelling women parked along the high trail? Why are they so pale, and why have they chosen to camp in the blackened devastation of last-year’s fire
Characters: Characters comprising teenagers of between 11 and 14 years to be created by the players before the con. For character design requirements and for more game information, see, or contact the GM.
This is a continuation game; new and returning characters are welcome.
Players: 6

Slot 3

3/1 Five Princes in Paris
GM: Jonathan Amery
Description: Paris, Autumn 1959.

We see a company of soldiers form up in the Place de la Concorde and march along the Champs Elysees, the light civilian traffic flowing around them. As they reach the other end the camera pans around and where the viewer expects to see the Arc de Triomphe lies a Pattern, under guard by another company. As the scene fades an elaborate changing of the guard takes place.
Imperial France, a country with a long history, but at the same time one that appears to have sprung ready-formed into existence in 1801, just fourteen years before Emperor Corwin overthrew the resurgent Napolean and signed the peace treaty of Waterloo. Since then, under the guidance of the new Royal Family, France has expanded into shadow and is the head of a large Empire.
Neither the Emperor nor his Empress, Dara, has been seen for 40 years, since the Treaty of Versailles at the end of the last war, and since that time the rate of progress has decreased, the Prussians are restless under the treaty provisions, and lately news of things waylaying merchant caravans has been trickling in to the capital.
The situation is becoming untenable, and so a conference has been called of the Princes and Princesses to work towards a resolution.
Characters: A game for 4-6 players (if there are 6 of you then at least one, perforce, will have to play a Princess). Intra-party conflict isn’t required to make the game work, but it isn’t ruled out either. The Corwin series is canonical (but mostly unknown to the PCs), the Merlin series isn’t.
Players: 4 – 6

3/2 Blood Will Tell
GM: Tristan Barback
Two hundred years have passed since the Second Patternfall War. King Random’s hold on Amber is secure, and there is no threat from chaos, for none can stand against the armies of pattern beasts, created from Amberite blood, that answer to his call. Some of Oberon’s grandchildren, yourself amongst them, are given a task – your coming of age in which you will come to understand the true potential of your blood. But all is not as it seems, an old secret from the war will come to light, and you will have to decide where your loyalties truly lie.
Characters: Younger Amberites, built on 100 points + pattern. No logrus. Parents will be assigned. Advanced pattern, sorcery, conjuration and items will be substantially different to the rulebook. Details will be sent out closer to the con.
It might be helpful when creating your character to consider their attitudes to the character’s parents, to the crown, and to the wider Amberite family.
Players: 4 – 6

3/3 The Best Family
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
You wake up in a bunk room, you and a bunch of children, and it doesn’t take you long to realise you and they are the same age. As you look around you realise that memories of Amber are fading and things here are wrong, but where are you, how do you escape, and how do you regain your proper body.
Characters: Character generation on the night, based loosely on the best friends game.
Players: 6

3/4 Aurellis
GM: Tim Hart
A continuing game, open to some new players.
Description: Starting out in a world very similar to ours, this game has evolved as the characters have discovered a multitude of other worlds, and powerful beings that consider themselves superior to the locals.
Now, the special operations section, somewhat loosely associated with the FBI, is the last great hope for Earth, keeping the world safe from others, keeping the people of Earth safe from the truth, and increasingly keeping themselves nicely supplied with the booty and loot which seems to naturally occur when dealing with mega-powerful interdimensional criminals and enemies – I mean – we can’t hand it in, can we? We’d have to explain where it came from them…
Characters: New characters start out on Earth, modern day, with some reason to have come to the attention of the Spec Ops section of the FBI (X-Files), either as a straight recruit or as someone with some ‘special’ talent, that would be useful.
Characters will be created by use of an e-mail quiz, which must be completed before the con. While points exist, they will not be known to the players, and may be awarded arbitrarily by the GM depending on game events. Existing characters may get some development, depending on what they have been doing.
This game is not teen friendly, and may contain touch on issues of an adult nature, and include game world politics, religion, and social morality that we would consider to be reprehensible in real life. Or, to put it another way R-18 CAUTION. This game may run late into the evening.
Players: 8

3/5 One Last Song for Faeilla le Fae
GM: Alan Wake
Deep in the castle, a doctor emerges from the doorway into a dimly lit corridor, blood dripping from his hands and splattering the front of his robes.
“I’m sorry, my liege. We did all we could…”
Elsewhere, the Queen Niamh Memorial Difference Engine comes to a sudden halt, spitting out a printed card from its uppermost aperture.
The Priestess takes the polished card between her delicate fingers and smiles. “It’s a girl.”
Characters: Characters are Rebman nobles. Events occur during Oberon’s reign, when Amber establishing itself in the sea of Chaos. Details on Powers from the GM.
150pt characters; Constructs developed with the Shadow Knight rules will be considered if submitted before the Con.
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 4

4/1 Eve
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
The trump connection burns through, five voices forcing their way into your head through your dreams, “Child, we give you one chance to redeem yourself, we have a chore, do it and we forget your sins, don’t and stay out of our way forever.”
You have been contacted, the courts of Amber and Chaos, the monarchs of Random and Merlin, have offered you amnesty for all your crimes, a clean slate. All you have to do is go to Shadow Earth and stop some form of supernatural plague that is making the dead rise, and stop it before they are forced to destroy Earth and launch an unstoppable storm across shadow.
Characters: 150 Point Characters. Items that are personal only, no constructs. Warfare is ranged and learned or trained skills such as fencing. Strength is also agility, body control and unarmed combat. Warfare and Strength cross in melee combat. Stuff limit is 10 bad and 10 good. Characters may buy affinities (10 points each) in areas such as Medicine, Technology, Magic, Politics, Weapons, Thievery and cover a character with many years of study in a field. Magic-using characters must come with common or sample spells. Finally all characters come with a crime against Amber or Chaos or both, feel free to be elaborate.
Players: 5 – 8

4/2 “Play Nice”
GM: Richard Cunningham
Oberon is sick of you kids squabbling. So he’s taking you out on a bonding exercise – a family holiday.
He don’t know you very well, do he?
Characters: Characters will be the elder Amberites, as teenagers (timelines have been a little abused for these purposes). Pre-gen, with some ability to tailor. Players should list their 3 most preferred elders, in order.
Players: 6

4/3 O Thou, Forgotten Sons
GM: Stephanie Itchkawich
Players will have grown up as culls in a Shadow devoted to their support as the “retired” children of Oberon, Dworkin, or Thelbane. Players will have had no memory of their natural parents, having been consigned to caretakers in this Shadow in their infancy after having been found wanting and/or inconvenient by their Sires.
Characters: Players are requested before game start to generate characters of approximately 250 points. No artifacts of power will be allowed before game start. No exceptions. The characters will have found the land inimicable to the creation of such artifacts and devices. Characters should be no more than 200 subjective years old, but may be considerably less than that if they so choose.
Characters may generate up to 3 NPCs as potential allies or enemies among the Precocious. It is estimated that over 500 such children exist in this Shadow, although little is known of many who have chosen to wrap themselves in their skills and form pocket abodes of their own. It is rumored that some of the Precocious are quite ancient indeed and seldom seen outside their chosen realms. Characters may have memories of the Auditors. Individuals of great power who have appeared at crucial points in their childhood to observe, give orders, reallocate resources, chastize and far less frequently, provide comfort or moral support. It is difficult to determine the age or gender of an Auditor, nor are their faces remembered after they are encountered. What does linger is a strong sense of “impression”, something impossible to articulate but which can be recognized over successive meetings. Collectively, the Auditors are referred to as “the Host” and their visitations are occasions of great fear for the commons, who hold many superstitions regarding them. Giving individual Auditors names is problematic, they offer none of their own and they can be difficult to distinguish by physical characteristics.
Players should supply some back story regarding how they think they would have spent their time in a Shadow which regards them as “Precocious” the title they are accorded by the commons. The Precocious are treated as the “failed” children of the gods, the commons regard them with a mixture of awe and quiet pity. They would have found that few laws apply to them at all, save the commands of the Auditors, which are inviolable and punished rigorously when broken.
While it is completely lawful for a Precocious to kill commons, doing so has a peculiar effect on the balance of power among the Precocious. At times it appears to enhance the killer’s personal power, at other times it diminishes it. It is rumored that it can increase the power of another Precocious instead, although this is less easily observed. It is unclear the mechanism at work which generates this effect. The Tutors are a special caste within the Shadow. Killing a Tutor is punishable by The Host, whether it be by a common or a Precocious. Tutors are rarely seen outside the Nursery, an area where all Precocious are brought up until they reach their majority.
Characters would have recourse to considerable resources once they had reached 25 years of age and graduated from mandatory instruction in powers, arts, combat, and so forth. It is unlawful for a Precocious to visit or return to a Nursery once they have been graduated: therefore, each character should be prepared to describe what sort of abode or lifestyle they have carved out for themselves since achieving their majority.
Players: 4 – 8

4/4 Above Us the Waves
GM: Mel Mason
Random, King of Amber, has summoned you to his rooms. When you get there, you find a bunch of your cousins. Younger cousins, brothers and sisters of the better known offspring of the Elders. The shy, the troublemakers, the just plain geeky. Looking around, you start to feel a sinking feeling. Random classes you with this bunch?
Random is nervous, jittery. You haven’t seen him like this since … well, ever, probably. He’s fiddling with a pair of drum sticks (a hard trick to pull off), and when he realises what he’s doing, he puts them down, but periodically uses his fingers to beat out rhythms. And he either looks over your heads or down at the papers on the table.
By now your heart has descended to your boots and started tunneling out through the soles.
The thing is this, Random eventually explains. There’s some sort of trouble in Rebma. He doesn’t have a handle on it … relations between Amber and Rebma have been a little … sticky. Random wants you to visit, to find out what’s wrong and – if you can – to make sure that (even if it’s not put right) it’s not going to be a Problem for Amber. Oh, and if you get into trouble, he knows nothing about this – ok?
And whatever you do, Don’t Tell Martin.
Characters: This game was inspired by a 2006 game by Peter Marshall, and uses some of the rules he devised.
Characters are created on 80 pts, with all stats starting at Amber. (You are all portraying individuals who are young, untried, inexperienced, or some combination of all three. Additionally, the partial powers system allows characters with greater flexibility for a given quantity of points.) This game will centre, for the large part, on Rebma.
Random has been King for fifty years. Throughout those years, he has been married to Vialle – but they have no children. About three months ago she returned to Rebma on a visit; she has not yet returned.
Moire is still Queen of Rebma – although some say that the real power in the undersea kingdom is her sister Maub.
None of you have ever visited Rebma (although it is possible that some of you are Rebma-philes, fascinated by the tales and the history). Some of you, of course, may be Rebma-phobes.
Each of you has one better-known sibling who is more witty/more glamorous/more courageous/more adept (up to you). You should describe them in your character creation too. Don’t worry too much about their points – just accept that they have lots!
I will need characters in advance to help with some plotting…
Players: 3 – 6

4/5  Descendants of Amber
GM: Andy Ransom
You always knew you were different, special in some manner, but you didn’t know why until you were contacted by a mysterious stranger calling himself Ghost. He told you you were not alone that there were others like you and what’s more there were also people hunting you! A game based on Shadow Earth with a slightly Heroes-esque (as in the TV show) flavour. Note this is a new scenario and while it will build on the events of last years game, no previous knowledge is required, new and returning players welcome.
Characters: Characters are all of the blood of Amber, but grew up on shadow Earth with no knowledge of Amber or shadow. Powers and abilities will be limited to those you could have inherited or learned while growing up on Earth (basically no Pattern/Logrus/Trump or Shadow travelling abilities).
Full rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 6