Gamebook 2009

Slot 1

1/1 Vanishing Point
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra
A year has passed since the events described in “Bat Country”, and while life in Serenissima hasn’t exactly returned to normal, the people have adapted surprisingly quickly to the new state of things.
The Alliance between Serenissima and Bretonnia continues to hold, despite internal tensions and the efforts of the other world powers, research into the tower and the difference engine continues, and the new Serenissiman Border Authority continues to extend its influence into every aspect of life, under the pretext of guarding against further cross-dimensional movement.
But something isn’t right. Or at least something is even less right than it was before: The dimensional shifts seem to be decreasing in frequency and severity as swiftly and inexplicably as they started – and deliberate travel between the real world and its surrounding reflections seems to be becoming harder too. And this is not necessarily a good thing – the Border Authority is worried its new-found power may ebb away, and of course much of the power of the Alliance is based on wealth and information sources which may suddenly vanish – almost as if they had never existed in the first place.
Characters: The players are all in positions of power, authority and wealth in Serenissima (a shadow of Venice in the throes of a steampunk industrial revolution). Returning players are welcome.
More details on what kind of roles and factions are available will be sent to the players once I know who they are.
100 points but starting from a base of Human rather than Amber. No pattern, but other powers are available, again, details to players.
Players: 6

1/2 The Sable Game
GM: Trish Hart
The PCs are talented mortals who are the trusted agents of the King of Sable, chosen to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom, and to thwart the plans of Sable’s age-old enemy, the Reich, as well as those of newer enemies who have come on the scene in recent years, and any other threats to the Kingdom which might arise. Returning characters from any iteration of the Sable Game are welcome.
The game is based in a Pattern-based world, but the setting and NPCs are specific to the Sable Game. Full details are available on the game website at:
Characters: Character generation is based on 75 points starting at Chaos stats, and only limited powers are available to players.
Players must have email access, and new characters must be generated before the game.
Players: 6

1/3 Pulp
GM: Michael Royle
The last thing you remember was going about your normal daily business, a shimmering effect in the air and then suddenly being somewhere different. The place you find yourself in is not a shadow that you have ever been in before. The sun is a large red ball of fire, the sky a strange golden colour, the environment around you appears to be a 1920-30’s city. Perhaps the oddest thing though is that you do not appear to be you. Players should select from eight descriptions that will be sent to all players once they sign up for the game. Note: fairly pulp basis for the game.
Characters: A child of an elder or a Chaosite as they like, players may confer in case they want to know each other. However any who would rather not be known, that is not a problem. Each character is built on 100 points, +/- up to 10 points of stuff. No Advanced Powers, No Shadow Knight Powers.
Players: 6 – 8

1/4 Mercenary Maladies
GM: Andy Ransom
“He was a mercenary, a Robin Hood figure out of Eregnor, and a sworn enemy of Amber.”
— Merlin about Dalt in Prince of Chaos

As a member of Dalt’s elite mercenary unit (the most successful mercenaries in living memory) life can be pretty good. Then again it can also be pretty dangerous especially when Dalt assigns you one of his “special” projects.
Most of Dalt’s operations take place on the fringes of the Golden circle, or more covertly inside the Golden Circle or in Amber itself.
Characters: Shadowfolk who are highly trained mercenaries. That doesn’t just mean “muscle”, you might be an engineer or a scout or a “security” mage, but ultimately you are all loyal and trusted members of an elite military unit lead by Dalt.
Rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 3 – 8

Slot 2

2/1 Conspirators
GM: Declan Feeney
It was the middle of the night. A blur, something musty and pungent smelling, dizziness, hands seizing you, troops in the room, overwhelming numbers and then a cold damp jail cell.
Bleys died on the Kolvir, Corwin executed before he spoke and so their secrets died with them. Now Eric’s secret police seek their co-conspirators. In some way you must have been implicated.
Now you languish in a cell at Cabra Bay Naval base, your right to trial withdrawn and the evidence against you withheld. You’ve no idea even of what you are accused, just ‘Crimes against the State’. Eric’s inquisitors stand by with coals and irons. If you don’t talk soon they will make you. There is some small glimmer of hope however – if you can discover which of your fellow inmates is the real conspirator you may persuade Eric to release you.
Characters: Either Elders (other than Oberon, Dworkin, Eric, Corwin, Bleys and Caine) or the children of Elders. 140 points using just the rules from ADRPG (ie nothing from Shadow Knight).
Maximum of 5 points of good stuff. 10 contribution points for providing a character portrait.
Players: 5 – 6

2/2 Contamination
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
After Hiroshima, all nuclear weaponry was abandoned. Instead of a cold war, there was a much hotter one, and various bits of the planet were bombed back to the Stone Age. There has now been an uneasy peace for the last 20 years, mostly due to large amounts of rebuilding needing to be done. There are rumours that peace may not last much longer, and that mutated humans are roaming the wastelands.
Characters: Characters are young adults who have been lucky enough to have grown up with a good education, wide-ranging opportunities for training and access to excellent healthcare. Most people are not so fortunate. Let’s hope you made good use of it. 20 points available. Powers: Probability manipulation 10 points, Communications 10 points, Disguise 5 points, Self-Healing 5 points. Stats: 10 point limit, 10 points makes you an Olympic athlete, chess grandmaster etc., 0 points is an average human, any higher than 3 points represents a significant investment of your time that should be reflected in your background. Stuff limit: 2 points. Good stuff could be a nifty item, bad stuff could be an outstanding warrant for your arrest, be creative.
More details will be available before the ‘con.
Players: 6 – 8

2/3 In Tempest’s Wake
GM: Jason Pickering
The day before Yesterday, you were living out your lives as per normal. Then Yesterday the Storm arrived, wreaking destruction on a cataclysmic scale.
Today, the World has changed, some of it beyond all recognition. And perhaps the most disturbing thing of all is so have you.
Characters: The characters will be ‘enhanced’ Shadow dwellers on a modern day Shadow Earth variant, trying to cope with the aftermath of a Shadowstorm hitting their home world head on. Nonstandard character generation will apply.
Details to be sent out once the game allocations are completed.
Players: 4 – 6

2/4 The Mystery of Miss Trees
GM: Richard Urwin
Life at the Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans is not a bed of roses; the academic regimen is punishing and the discipline is worse. So when you were offered a chance to visit with the school’s principle benefactor and see the sights of New York high society you jumped at the chance. Maybe you were a little too eager; losing your chaperon on the plane was bad enough, (how do you lose someone on a plane?) but when you reached Miss Flaumel’s house, things got seriously strange.
Characters: Characters comprising teenagers of between 11 and 14 years to be created by the players before the con. Character design requirements will be communicated and do not require any numbers or a great deal of writing.
Players: 6

Slot 3

3/1 Turn Out the Lights
GM: Declan Feeney
Carl Corey, highly decorated war hero, personal friend of the president, loved husband and father of two boys (Merlin and Morgan), spent the last 5 years working with the army bomb disposal unit. He has a unique ability which defies study. Scientist say he can affect ‘sub-atomic probability’, dampening subatomic particle release and changing half-lives. A better way of describing it is he can stop nuclear bombs going off. It is purely down to him that Washington isn’t a glowing wasteland. Unfortunately he was part of a convoy ambushed just south of Kirkuk. Airlifted to Baghdad and flown to US soil he now lies comatose in a Miami hospital.
Thirty two minutes ago, during an operation to remove shrapnel, he started to spasm. The lights went out, all of them, as nuclear power stations the world over shut down and fossil powered stations were unable to take the increased load. The blackout lasted twenty eight seconds. 4 minutes 19 seconds later the world was pitched into darkness, temperature plummeted and the very earth trembled as suddenly the light and heat from the sun vanish – for twenty eight seconds.
In moments you will touch down in Miami, to meet Dr. Bailey (the doctor overseeing Carl’s recovery) and Dr. Brandon (his personal physician). His sister Evelyn Flaumel is also flying in from Maryland. Your job – to assess the risk and if necessary pull the plug on a national hero.
Characters: Characters are members of the top US Military Threat Assessment team. Spend -40 points. At least one stat at Human level. Pick a designation of either Military, Diplomat or Scientist. Then pick two sub-specialities (e.g. Knives, demolitions, hostage negotiator, translator, biochemist, forensics etc). You may spend points in your sub-specialty. Max of 10 stuff (Good or bad). No powers.
Players: 4 – 6

3/2 Aurellis
GM: Tim Hart
A continuing game, open to some new players.
Description: Starting out in a world very similar to ours, this game has evolved as the characters have discovered a multitude of other worlds, and powerful beings that consider themselves superior to the locals.
Now, the special operations section, somewhat loosely associated with the FBI, is the last great hope for Earth, keeping the world safe from others, keeping the people of Earth safe from the truth, and increasingly keeping themselves nicely supplied with the booty and loot which seems to naturally occur when dealing with mega-powerful interdimensional criminals and enemies – I mean – we can’t hand it in, can we? We’d have to explain where it came from then…
New characters start out on Earth, modern day, with some reason to have come to the attention of the Spec Ops section of the FBI (X-Files), either as a straight recruit or as someone with some ‘special’ talent, that would be useful.
Characters: Characters will be created by use of an e-mail quiz, which must be completed before the con. While points exist, they will not be known to the players, and may be awarded arbitrarily by the GM depending on game events. Existing characters may get some development, depending on what they have been doing.
This game is not teen friendly, and may contain touch on issues of an adult nature, and include game world politics, religion, and social morality that we would consider to be reprehensible in real life. Or, to put it another way R-18 CAUTION.
Players: 8

3/3 Results from a non-linear inhomogeneous deformation of a Black Brane
GM: Pete Marshall
You’re about to depart Castle Amber to go to a party! It’s to celebrate the graduation (“at last!” mutter some of the family, “how” mutter others) of one of your cousins, Eric’s son Andrew.The location is Flora’s estate on Shadow Earth. Seemingly none of the Elders are interested in going, not even Flora.
The time is about 80 years after PatternFall and things have been fairly peaceful during this period. Corwin & Merlin are rumoured to be somewhere in Corwin’s Pattern. The rest of the Elders are as expected, Eric dead, Dworkin mad, Brand & Deirdre still abysmal. Among the 3rd generation Martin’s dead, Merlin’s not been seen for 50 years, & Luke/Rinaldo is about, along with a couple of others.
Characters: Characters are pretty much your standard 100 point youngster. Born 20 to 40 years after Patternfall, all the events of that have the same relevance for the characters, as say, WWII or Korea have for the players. Characters will have, at some point, walked the Pattern so all chars start with the equivalent of 15 points in Pattern (so Basic Pattern is 35 points rather than 50). If you want to go with a partial version of a power feel free just email me for details. However there is no conjuration (Pattern, Sorcery, most other powers or a credit card/cash/whatever will comfortably stand in for it.)
Stuff limits are 5 either way. Selling down stats to Chaos is ok, human is going to need a reason.
Players: 6

3/4 Pearls before Swine
GM: Alan Wake
“Oh my brother, we’re both of us losers
I don’t know why she ever did choose us
To call one a lover and bury the other
I don’t know why we feud over you
All those pearls lay asleep on the sea bed…”

Rebma and her Queen weep. They have wept for five long years while the bickering of the Elders grows louder. The succession is uncertain, relations with her neighbours are strained. How will she rise from the debris of the shattered Jewels and be great once more?
Characters: Characters are Rebman nobles. Events occur early in Oberon’s reign. Details on Powers from the GM. 125pt characters; Constructs developed with the Shadow Knight rules will be considered if submitted before the Con.
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 4

4/1 Robert Heinlein’s Amber: The Unpleasant Profession of Cal Cory
GM: Pete Marshall
An almost certainly doomed attempt to set an Amber game solidly in a hard SF environment! Set in the year 2100, humanity has begun to colonize the Solar System. The pursuit of transhumanism (look it up!) is now in full swing, as more and more people struggle to reach a fully posthuman state. Spacecraft, be they cargo, passenger, military or others wander the Solar System, The Web has continued to expand, there are various forms of bio-mods available and yet it hasn’t become a cyberpunk universe. You’re an inhabitant of this Universe, and at the start of the game you’re on a space craft leaving L4 (Lagrange point) going Mars-ward when something starts to happen.
Characters: Characters are human, pretty much (you could have some mods, bio or otherwise, actually you will have some mods, the standard bog basic human is very rare) As to points, you don’t have any, a description/cv/life history/whatever is what’s needed. Moving on to stats, you can say where you are good, or bad, or average in the character description. Powers, at this point, there aren’t any except slow conjuration (it’s called a credit card…) and shapeshift which doesn’t cost much past your life (To be a shapeshifter you have to be dead, [death isn’t as fatal as it used to be] and not as wealthy as you used to be) Otherwise no powers, at this point, that’s not to say that things might develop. {I’m planning to have a few pre-genned characters set up so if you’re not the sort who has the need to write an essay about the first day your character went to school, you’re covered}
Players: 5 – 6

4/2 The Men Who Stare At Trumps
GM: Tym Norris
The Patternfall War is over, Random is proving to be a competent king and all of Shadow is peaceful – so why are they banging on your door at four in the morning?
A Game of investigation and enquiry for 4-6 players set between the 2 Series.
Characters: 75pt characters, must have Basic Pattern. No Advanced Powers, no Shadowknight,
5pt Stuff limit.
All characters will start in or around Amber.
Players: 4 – 6

4/3 Ill-gotten Gains
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
You always knew you were adopted, but the stories of princes from a far-away and dangerous land seemed a little unlikely. You were beginning to suspect someone was watching you, then a limo turns up on the doorstep. But why is everyone is such a hurry to get you to meet your father?
Characters: Characters are young adults who grew up on Shadow Earth. Feel free to suggest parentage, and at what age you were dropped off on Earth. 20 points available. Powers: Probability manipulation 10 points, Trump sketching 10 points, Disguise 5 points, Self-Healing 5 points, Magic 5 points. Stats: 10 point limit, 10 points makes you an Olympic athlete, chess grandmaster etc., 0 points is an average human, any higher than 3 points represents a significant investment of your time that should be reflected in your background. Stuff limit: 2 points. Good stuff could be a nifty item, bad stuff could be all manner of trouble, be creative or leave it for me to choose and be warned!
More details will be available before the ‘con.
Players: 6 – 8

4/4 Descendants of Amber
GM: Andy Ransom
You always knew you were different, special in some manner, but you didn’t know why until you were contacted by a mysterious stranger calling himself Ghost. He told you you were not alone that there were others like you and what’s more there were also people hunting you!
A game based on Shadow Earth with a slightly Heroes-esque (as in the TV show) flavour.
Characters: Characters are all of the blood of Amber, but grew up on shadow Earth with no knowledge of Amber or shadow. Powers and abilities will be limited to those you could have inherited or learned while growing up on Earth (basically no Pattern/Logrus/Trump or Shadow travelling abilities).
Full rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 3 – 8