Our History

Here you can learn about the history of AmberCon UK, going back over twenty years, and see some of our previous gamebooks.

The Beginning

AmberCon UK was started in 1993 by Simone Cooper, however after a few years Simone moved to the US where she now runs AmberCon Northwest.

The first Con was held in a hotel no more than stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus. The hotel doesn’t exist anymore and part of it has been converted to a Mcdonalds food outlet.
The second one was held in a hotel near Queensway Station, again in London. Again it only hosted one Con.
The third venue was the Hilton Hotel Croydon which held three conventions.

Moving on …

We moved out of London in 1998 to our fourth venue, the Ramada Hotel (now the Penta hotel) in the centre of Reading. It hosted the Convention up to 2007.
In 2008 the hotel changed hands and the new owners decided that they wanted to start afresh with its dealings with the convention , and wanted to raise the prices to the point where they were outside the price range that the convention and those who attended it could reasonably afford. No alternative venue could be found for that year. 

Our Current Home

Since 2009, the convention has been located at its current venue at Harben House in Newport Pagnell near Milton Keynes.
Traditionally it had been a summer event, nominally held in July, but in 2012, it was pushed back to September because of the Olympic Games in London, and the change in date has stuck.

You can see the gamebooks for previous years here.