Gamebook 2002

Game Slot 1 : Friday 7:30pm till late

  1. Mind’s Prisoner
    • GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
    • Description: Your head feels thick, at first you can see only black, then shade, finally colour. You can feel movement, as if you are in some kind of vehicle. Glancing around you feel the searing pain as your eyes pass over a small slit of daylight. There are others in the closed cell, all of them in their thirties, all with about two inches of hair. Bar codes are tattooed across their foreheads, instinctively you know there is one across yours. You remember Amber and Shadow, you start to try to piece together your mind, but who are you?
    • Characters: All characters are pre-generated by the GM. This scenario was run before at Clan Amber ’97, players who played in it then can play again.

  2. The Sacred Hunt
    • GM: Genevieve Cogman
    • Description: You remember that drinking session last night where you and Martin all swore to hunt the Unicorn, and, um, ask it some questions, or paint it pink, or something like that. You remember Julian saying what a *bad* idea this was. You remember the servants waking you up at dawn. And now you’re in the middle of Arden. And the shadows are drawing in. And you’re lost. But you already guessed that one…
    • Characters: Amberbrats, on 120 points – Chaos parent as well if you really insist and have a good reason. No advanced powers, constructs, or ShadowKnight weirdness. Be prepared to have sorcery work poorly in Amber if you buy it. Fancy high-powered items will require a lot of justification as I don’t like them. *Please* send in characters early.

  3. A Body of Evidence
    • GMs: Tim Hart & Jason Pickering
    • Description: Regent Gerard’s great expectations now lies in tatters and it is ALL his wife’s fault. Possible war against Rebma, the Mage College little more than smoking ruins, parts of the city destroyed due to the earthquake, HIS son a nervous wreck after being kidnapped and all because SHE wanted to perform a necromantic ritual. Now to cap it all, news from the War is not good. So in all the confusion, what did happen to Fiona’s spare body?
    • Characters: The game is set in a Victorian-style Amber and is a continuation of last year’s ‘Great Expectations’ game, so priority will be given to returning players. Returning characters have an extra 10 character points and 10 influence points to spend. New characters will be either young Amberites in the 15-20 age group, brought into Amber before the rest of the family set off for the Patternfall War ten years ago, or Amberites returning to the city for some reason, possibly from the War itself. New characters will be built on 75pts, with an additional 15 influence points. As before, a partial powers system will operate, details of which are available at

  4. To Add to the Confusion…
    • GM: Trish Hart
    • Description: A continuing ACUK campaign Has the final clue been found? Is the nanny from hell ever going to change her feelings towards Amber? Where does Oberon’s oldest son fit into things? Is Merlin really a traitor, or merely even more misguided than usual? Despite being on the same side of the war, how long are Corwin and Eric going to avoid killing each other for? And what does happen when you jump into a nascent power without instructions? These questions, and many more probably won’t be answered, but this is Amber, and anything can happen.
    • Characters: Characters will be based on 170pts – yes, even though you’re in the middle of a small war. After all, you never know when an extra 10pts might be useful.

  5. Broken Arrow
    • GM: Tony Mitton
    • Description: “I don’t know what’s worse. That the Jewel of Judgement has been stolen, or that it happens so often you now have a code phrase for it.” One of Bleys and Julian’s training exercises is interrupted when a much more vital task is required of Amber’s second generation. The Jewel has been stolen in a destructive attack on Castle Amber which left two Elders dead and King Random fighting for his life. An extraordinary ransom demand leaves the remaining Elders divided – and the fate of the Universe resting in the hands of their children.
    • Characters: Characters will all be children of Amber Elders and have sworn loyalty to King Random. They’ll be based on 100 points plus Pattern for free with no advanced powers or the like. Actual character generation will occur via email before the convention with an opportunity at the same time for some extremely brief character interaction.

  6. Gather Darkness!
    • GM: Michael Royle
    • Description: The elders have gone off to battle with the armies of the Courts. Before they left they saw to it that all of their children were delivered to Amber. A terrible storm occurred swept over Amber and seemingly ate up shadow. The Storm passed, and Gerard alone of the elders remained in Amber. It has now been four months and nothing has been heard. Darkness gathers! The intention of this game is dark horror. Backgrounds will need work, history of character is important.
    • Characters: 100 points +/- ten points of stuff, No Exalted, No Shadow Knight, and characters must be Amberite in origin.

  7. Custodians (A Clan Amber scenario)
    • GM: Jim Trappitt
    • Description: Braveheart meets Highlander in an epic tale of bravery against all odds. With all the Clan elders going to cousin Coruinn’s wedding in Franconia someone needs to be left in charge of Castle Ambhar and the Clan lands. Someone who has shown the courage and the mettle to stand up to the vile and despicable Sassenachs. Someone with the resourcefulness and resolution to see through any difficulties that may arise. Are you one of those someones?
    • Characters: This is a variant Shadow Amber set in the Mediaeval Scottish Highlands. New characters will be based off 60 points and will be generated before the con. Returning characters will need to send me a wish list. Characters must have sworn loyalty to the Clan. No Pattern or Logrus, no Shadow Knight material. Stuff limit of 10 points either way. Anyone wishing to make contributions should talk to me first. Priority will be given to returning players.

  8. Mine Fill of Blood and Glory
    • GM: Murray Writtle
    • Description: Pride, ruthless ambition, passion. Such are the meat and mead of Amber. But can your excesses have finally gone to far? Following one last indignity, the Pattern has seemed to withdraw from your appetites and pettiness, leaving your world to be torn apart by your baser instincts. Unable to escape, it looks that you are about to be called to task, unless … maybe … you can find a scape-goat. Drama for ruthless artists in politics and perception, and those interested in exploring our imperfections and vulnerabilities. Created and previously run at ACUS 2000, ACN 2001 and ACUS 2002 by David de Jong.
    • Characters: Manipulative, ambitious, tragically flawed elder Amberites only. Callous ruthlessness paired with well developed weakness is required. Virtuous siblings with a mind to oppose their darker twins will also be considered. Generation at the Con based on 150 to 250 points. No advanced powers, Pattern Imprint required. Items and various magics discouraged. Character creation will involve an attribute auction for the seven deadly sins.

  9. Silence of the Unicorn
    • GM: Rob Edwards
    • Description: It is decades into Eric’s reign and while the Black Road has been quiet of late, war could erupt again at any moment. As a new threat becomes apparent, and several princes and princesses fall, one man may have the answer. One man, kept in prison for crimes too horrible to contemplate, locked away in a glass-walled cell at the end of a darkened corridor. Brand. He can give you the answers you seek, but first you have to let him in a little…
    • Characters: Pregenerated.

Game Slot 2 : Saturday 9am till 5pm

  1. Could You Walk a Little Faster?
    • GMs: Julian Davis & Emma Sansone
    • Description: A swirl of rainbow colours, your ears pop, and you find yourself staring into the swirling chaos of the Abyss. Dworkin beckons, cackling slightly, and leads you away from the great rift. You relax slightly on seeing your cousins gathered around a beautifully laid out table. ‘Have some wine,’ Suhuy says, in an encouraging tone. Your parents warned you about Dworkin, he is probably quite mad and definitely very powerful, but they made you go anyway. Supposedly, as part of the continuing efforts to build bridges between Amber and Chaos after Patternfall, Dworkin has invited you to the Courts of Chaos…for a tea party. You are to meet distant relatives, be polite and diplomatic, and show suitable appreciation for the sights you will be shown. You all know Dworkin is somewhat eccentric, but he seems to like you, especially when you humour him, and he occasionally gives the most fabulous gifts. This game takes place some time after the first series. Patternfall is over, and efforts are being made to restore relations between Amber and Chaos to at least a workable, if not an amicable, level. This game is based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll, and may contain elements of dark humour and sinister undertones. Knowledge of the books will be helpful.
    • Characters: Characters must be provided before the convention. The character should be young, and Amber oriented. You get the Pattern, a Chaos Devotee and 15 points of shape-shift for free, so please detail your parents (Chaos and Amber) and give some brief history. 50 points (with 5 points good or bad stuff limit) are available to spend on attributes, items and any of sorcery, conjuration, power words or partial to full shape shift. No advanced powers will be available. As part of your character creation, please choose one ordinary item (0 points) that is significant enough to you (and small enough) that you would always carry it with you. A brief explanation of the what and why would be welcome.

  2. The Man with the Pattern Bow (A sequel to From Kashfa with Love)
    • GM: Declan Feeney
    • Description: After the daring rescue of Queen Coral of Kashfa from the villainous Martin, and the prevention of Amber’s destruction, the Amber Intelligence Core is back in favour. Now rumour has it that Martin has employed the renowned assassin Scaramanga, whose weapon of choice is a distinctive Pattern Bow, to assassinate certain members of the Amber Court. Once again it falls to five of Random’s newest agents, all licensed to kill, to rescue the day. A game of spies, intrigue, action, sex, gadgets and fast cars in a world where ‘normal’ spies compete with Amberites and Chaosites.
    • Characters: The Characters should be built on 0 points, using the rather unusual rules found at . Players from last year may either add an extra 5 points to last year’s characters, or create entirely new characters. N.B.: Characters required by end of June at the latest.

  3. Turning Point
    • GM: Murray Writtle & Andy Ransom
    • Description: “…The battle in the valley continued unabated. From this distance, it was impossible to tell who was who, let alone who was winning… Clearly, I could not attack Eric when he was engaged in anything this crucial to the defense of Amber herself. Waiting to pick up the pieces afterward might be wisest. However, I could already feel the rat teeth of doubt at work on that idea.”Setting: Amber. Eric is dead. Oberon is missing. Corwin is King. The War with Chaos looms on Amber’s horizon. The game begins at the start of “Sign of the Unicorn” if things had gone somewhat differently. Corwin slew Eric. The Amber defense forces fought with Corwin’s troops. It wasn’t pretty, as loyal Amberites were cut down by rifle fire. The Wyvern troops fell back and wreaked havoc upon the City of Amber. Ganelon’s forces have them pinned, but there are still hostile Chaosians on Amber soil. Much of the city is on fire.The throne of Amber is unsteady. Caine, Julian, and Gerard are outspoken in their enmity toward Corwin. Bleys and Brand are missing and presumed dead. Benedict was with Corwin in Avalon, but he has not made a public statement about Corwin. Fiona is in Amber. Flora and Llewella have been summoned to Amber. Random and Deirdre are Corwin’s strongest supporters.Amber stands divided as the Courts of Chaos wage war upon her in the city and along the Black Road.
    • Characters: Pre-Generated Elders will be provided. Please notify the GMs of your top three choices of elder from the following list: Caine, Corwin, Deirdre, Fiona, Flora, Ganelon, Gerard, Julian, Llewella, Random.Expect conflict, strife, and possible death. This is no longer Zelazny’s storyline.

  4. An old brand of humour
    • GM: Owen Humphreys
    • Description: The wondrous shades of black abyss that fill your happy, loving world are soon to be disrupted. Daddy B and Mummy D have a little job for you. Oh, won’t that be fun.
    • Characters: Characters will be generated before the game to a set of power options that will be sent.

  5. The Daughter of Shadow
    • GM: David Moore
    • Description: It is 10 years after Patternfall. King Random rules in peace over a prosperous Amber, and relations with Chaos have steadily improved. Which is why it comes as a surprise when an army out in Shadow starts to gather strength and advance on Amber. Who is responsible? Is this a fresh assault from Chaos? Has one of the King’s brothers resumed the family game of conspiracy? Who is the Shadow-woman who can best Bleys and Benedict on the battlefield, and how?
    • Characters: Amberites. 80 points, plus Pattern for free. Check Advanced Powers, Contructs or other gribblies with the ref. Chaosian or other concepts considered; contact me and make me an offer.

  6. Ten Little Chaosites
    • GMs: Michael Royle & the usual suspects
    • Description: Swayvill rules in the Courts and rumours of great events abound. You are a middling member of a moderate House, and you have been chosen by your house for an important mission. Only trouble is you can’t remember what the mission is. You find yourself in a roomful of other Chaosites, and you can’t remember how you got there. A table is laid with ten places, one of which bears your name. Freeform Chaos Game.
    • Characters: Must be Chaosites, built on 60 points +/- 10 points of good stuff. No Shadowknight stuff, no Pattern, no Logrus, no advanced. There will be preparation material for players.

  7. Peacekeepers
    • GM: Jim Trappitt
    • Description: The United Shadows Peacekeeping Force is the only thing keeping the lid on the powder keg that is the war-torn shadow of Grosnia. For four long (local) years this organisation has kept the opposing forces at bay without much in the way of reward or recognition, now it is the turn of the Amber Castle Guard to provide a contingent for the USPKF. Volunteers only, of course…….
    • Characters: Characters will be based of 0 (zero) points and will be generated before the con. No advanced powers, no Shadow Knight material. Stuff limit of 3 points either way. No Contributions. Characters will be members of the Amber Castle Guard and will have sworn loyalty to Amber. Priority will be given to Grunts with previous combat experience.

  8. La Casa delle Tempeste (The House of Storms)
    • GM: Iain Walker
    • Description: Losombro Varcolaci, Patriarch of Shadow Greyfell, is dead, and his passing has been marked by some decidedly inclement weather throughout the Silver Circle. In Argentium, Queen Deirdre wants a family delegation to attend the funeral, and her eyes are turning to you. Just pass on her condolences, look solemn, don’t cause any inter-Shadow incidents, and then come back again. Assuming, of course, that you can get out of the Varcolacis’ labyrinthine, storm-swept castle alive …
    • Characters: More Gothic shenanigans, this time of the 18th Century Italianate variety, set in a universe where Amber has been destroyed and Deirdre rules in Argentium, the city around Corwin’s Pattern. Characters should be Amberites built on 100 pts with Pattern for free. Other powers include Trump (30 pts), Shapeshifting (30 pts), Rituals (15 pts) and Cantrips (10 pts). No Advanced Powers, but partial powers are an option. Full details of background and rules variants will be sent out before the ‘Con. Also, please note that this is not a sequel to any of my previous AmberCon games set in Argentium.

Game Slot 3 : Saturday 7:30pm till late

  1. Murder by Decree
    • GM: Genevieve Cogman
    • Description: Amber by Gaslight – it’s a thousand years since Random took the throne, and he’s still there. And so are the Elders – or most of them. There’s a murderer loose in Amber. Flora’s dead. Julian’s dead. Who’s next? And who do you think is going to be asked to investigate? (Merlin’s on the throne in Chaos – just – and Corwin’s in Avalon. General technology is Victorian, but gunpowder is restricted to nobility or to particular sections of the military. The Chaosians Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. Hele, seale and never reveale.)
    • Characters: Amberbrats, on 120 points – Chaos parent as well if you really insist and have a good reason. Not more than 200 years old, and preferably younger. _Not_ as jaded as your parents. No advanced powers, constructs, or ShadowKnight weirdness. Be prepared to have sorcery work poorly in Amber if you buy it. Fancy high-powered items will require a lot of justification as I don’t like them. *Please* send in characters early.

  2. An American Werewolf in Amber
    • GM: Ben Crossley
    • Description: With Patternfall fresh in everyone’s mind and the Elders exhausted after the war, the appearance of several mutilated bodies in the Forest of Arden causes some concern. Have Julian’s Hounds gone rogue? Is there a darker force at work? With the moon full over Amber, the tired Elders assign the investigation to their children while they consider their political situation. Is Julian making a play for the throne?
    • Characters: Children of Elders. 100 points. Check Advanced Powers. No constructs, maximum of two spellcasters (Sorcery/Conjuration). Nothing from ShadowKnight. +/- 10 on Stuff. Maximum of Named and Numbered on items/beasties.

  3. “24 Hours”
    • GMs: Richard Cunningham & Alistair Morley
    • Description: The brutal interregnum of Patternfall is over, and a Chaosian Emissary comes to Amber, to seal the peace treaty between the crowns of the Serpent and Unicorn. But there are many powerful elders who oppose such a peace, and conspiracies threaten the Emissary’s life…. can a Royal Commission protect the hopes of peace and uncover the conspirators? Or are the assassins already within their midst?
    • Characters: Post patternfall game, with younger PCs who are charged with protecting the Chaosian Emissary in the 24 hours before the treaty is signed. The loyal servants of the crown of Amber have one day to save the peace. The traitors have one day to destroy it…… Generation rules to be distributed by GMs prior to the game . Volunteers willing to play traitors will be…. welcomed.

  4. All New Super Brand X
    • GM: Declan Feeney
    • Description: Under Random’s inexperienced rule Amber quickly descends into a hive of villainy and danger. With criminals openly mugging people on the streets, and crime at an all time high, Dworkin come up with a dubious plan – to revive the body of a dead Prince of Amber, empower him with Super-Amberite abilities and set him loose on the criminal elements of Amber. Sadly some things never run to plan, and Brand doesn’t prove to be the Hero Dworkin hoped. A “Four colour” comic style adventure, with the greatest Master Villain of all time.
    • Characters: Oberon’s Grand Children – no children of Brand. 50 points. Max 10 Stuff.

  5. Ragnarok IV
    • GM: Hein Ragas
    • Description: A continuation of the previous Ragnarok games, this scenario will find our band of brothers (and sisters!) aboard a longship, provided to them by the King of Denmark, who has overrun Iceland during the Allthing! Our heroes (and heroines!) have been banned for a year and a day — they are to spend this time adventuring, to further the honour of the triumphant conqueror… What will this year bring our friend?
    • Characters: Guidelines for creating characters are online at . Recurring characters will gain some experience!

    • GMs: Edwin Voskamp and Andy Ransom
    • Description: You apply for a job having seen the following ad:Grand Design, Inc.
      Swindon, Wilts. England. – Administrative & Computer Networking Staff required.
      Silicon Valley/San Jose based company now recruiting in the UK.

      Pioneering firm providing new media Internet infrastructure products and services seeks highly skilled, highly motivated staff.
      The candidate must have strong inter-personal and communication skills and be capable of working closely with customers. Must have the ability to solve problems quickly and completely. Team-player attitude. Initiative.
      The successful candidate must have 5+ years of relevant experience in startup to medium sized companies.
      Multiple positions available across all departments.

      Additional Information
      Salary: above industry average, signing bonus, completion bonus, stock options
      For further information on our products and services see
    • Characters: Character to be generated before the Con. Players must contact the GMs prior to the game!

  7. Manifold
    • GM: Tim Stokes
    • Description: You wake up in a place, alone, in a landscape completely alien to you. Memory is at a loss for your last memory seems more than a few hours ago. Your senses tell you that time is strange, space stranger still. As you rise your body feels slow and gravity feels much heavier than normal. Then you discover your clothes have changed and all your trumps have gone, not to mention any feeling of connection with Amber or Chaos. There is only one thing to do – explore.
    • Characters: A character can come from anywhere as long as they have Amber or Chaos blood. Your last memory before ‘the blackout’ is important as is your ability to use clues to solve problems and communicate with lifeforms. Besides this you can use the Amber character generation system for attributes and powers but for much of the game you will be using a parallel system applicable to the universe you are in (details will be given before character generation). Characters should be based on 150 points with no attribute bought down to human. One contribution will give you an extra 10 points on any attribute. Anything you decide to put points into that you do not start with (trumps, items, shadows etc) would need to be detailed and discussed beforehand (as to their usability). It is assumed that all characters do not know themselves beforehand but details of friends, allies and relatives are still good to include.

  8. Bed of Roses, Nest of Thorns
    • GM: Alan Wake
    • Description: “Now is the Winter of Our Discontent…” A king that is prematurely aged and dying, a family riven by lust for his tarnished crown. What hope for fair Amber, this green and sceptred isle, when it turns against itself?
    • Characters: This is a pre-generated mortal Elders game, themed on the War of the Roses. Information supplied by the GM.

  9. “To Absent Kin…”
    • GM: Steve Wilson
    • Description: It has been one hundred years since Corwin vanished, and Oberon has been missing for nearly twenty. Eric rules uneasily as regent, with his siblings free to scheme without their father’s restraining influence. But now a thin veneer of pleasantries covers any malignant intent. For today is the centenary of Corwin’s disappearance and the family are together once more for their traditional, memorial feast. So raise your glasses, fellow Amberites, and make a toast, “To absent kin…” But calm always precedes the storm, and mysterious events are occurring in Amber and Shadow. Is some outside agent once more moving against the eternal city? Or is it the enemy within – the never ending frictions between the princes of Amber?
    • Characters: Pre-first-series. GM generated elders with some surprises. Rank the following in order of preference, and send to me before the Con.: Benedict, Eric, Deirdre, Fiona, Bleys, Gerard and Random.

Game Slot 4 : Sunday 10am till 6pm

  1. Usagi Amberite
    • GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe
    • Description: While you are walking the final steps of the pattern you feel a shudder travel up your spine and a voice calls to you. “Come forth child of a false world, see what I have wrought. Come forth to the one true Amber, a land without an Emperor.” Whether out of curiosity, greed or chance, you take that final step and arrive within the green hills and forests of Arden. Then you realise you are now a furry, standing around you are several equally confused looking “people”.
    • Characters: It’s a crossover game, give me your character (in 200 points), exclude all equipment or shadows that you cannot take around the pattern (that includes summonable objects and beings) from the points cost. Then tell me what anthropomorphic animal you look like and describe what your new appearance is (your clothing will fit, and we don’t mention tails).

  2. Target: Amber
    • GM: Patrick Brady
    • Description: Trust everyone, they all mean well. A short boating holiday and a visit with some old friends means a relaxing time should be had by all. As we head relentlessly towards a complete bloodbath it is time to decide where your loyalties reside. Remember that it’s never too early to start eliminating the competition.
    • Characters: Priority to returning characters.

  3. Quantum Leap
    • GMs: Richard Cunningham & Alistair Morley
    • Description:  “…..Gerard parried desperately, but lacked the strength to meet his opponent’s over-powering blows. The trailing edge of his dress betrayed him, and he stumbled back, feeling heavy-set hands close about his petite neck. ‘Now’, grunted the voice of Princess Flora, ‘take back what you said about my wolfhounds’…..”
    • Characters: Anarchic, lighthearted game of treachery, internecine violence, and repeated body-swapping in an Oberon-era Amber. Players will be Elders, trying desperately to advance their usual agendas whilst feeling….not quite themselves. Players should submit names of preferred elder(s) prior to the game.

  4. Pretenders – The Quest for Corwin
    • GM: Herman Duyker
    • NOTE: This story follows on from last year’s ‘Pretenders’ game. Preference to returning players, but new players are certainly welcome.
    • Description: Three years ago, some of you escaped from the place known as ‘The Centre’ — and discovered a whole new world out there. A world of violence, a world of intrigue. You are older now (three whole years !), and much more experienced (or so you might think). All (or at least, most) of you seem to be related. And Corwin, who is supposedly your father is not around to answer questions… he seems to be missing!! So you decided to go looking for him.
    • Characters: The characters will all be playing children and youths, aged 7 to 21. Characters will be built on 50 points with +10 points max for contributions, and a +- 5 limit on stuff. As this is not a ‘standard’ Amber game, most powers are unavailable — likewise, no Personal Shadows, Allies, or Items. Full background will be sent out before the con. Children of Corwin are preferred.

  5. Black River, White Water
    • GM: Declan Feeney
    • Description: “I am the end of Chaos, and of Order, depending upon how you view me. I mark a division. Beyond me other rules apply.” Ygg – The Courts of Chaos, Chapter 7 First Osric’s skeletal head, kept many millenium in Dworkin’s cave, speaks to prophesise Amber’s doom. Then days later a huge chasm appears throughout shadow. Whilst Random dismisses the warnings, two brothers more open to predictions secretly plan an expedition. A white water ride from Corwin’s pattern, along the ice cold rivers of Elivagar that sparks and burn black with the taint of Chaos, through the great chasm, Ginunngagap, to Niflheim, the world of cold and darkness where the Serpent chews at the roots of Ygg, the tree between worlds.
    • Characters: 8 pregenerated characters. Short “common knowledge” background descriptions will be emailed/posted out to players as soon as I have a player list, and characters will then be allocated on a first request basis.

  6. Dining On Ashes
    • GM: Tony Jones
    • Description: Despite those of Chaos being the favoured of the Great Serpent, somehow the apostates of Amber, with the help of their unholy Unicorn and despite the assistance of the Great Serpent, are winning the war. The Final Battle of Patternfall, by the edge of the Abyss, rages outside and when it is over, Amber will have won, and will destroy Chaos utterly. You, for some reason (age, injury, cowardice?), are unable to attend the battle. Instead, Lady Sorenica Minobee, the Head of that House, who has publicly stated that she will not live to Chaos destroyed by the scum of Amber, has invited you all to a Final Ball, one last glorious fling for the non-combatants of Chaos before the inevitable End. It has been made quite clear that not attending this Ball is simply _not_ an option… This game could be considered as a follow-on to the ‘Comes In The End Despondency And Madness’ game which I ran at ACUK 1999.
    • Characters: The characters are all members of the Courts of Chaos, built on 75 points, with Basic Shapeshifting and Basic Logrus for free, who for some reason are not on the battlefield by the edge of the Abyss. Statistics start at Amber Ranked, but can be bought down below that (intermediate ranks between Amber, Chaos and Human _are_ possible). Psyche and Endurance can be bought down as far as Chaos; Strength and Warfare as far as Human. No statistic can have a value higher than 101 (this is possible if other statistics are bought down). Stuff is limited to 5 points in either direction. No contributions are available. See my website at for details of the powers (Logrus, Shapeshifting, Trump and Magic) and creature and item abilities available. Note that in this game the main Chaos power is the Logrus. However, it becomes weaker the further one goes from Chaos, until eventually, at a distance from Chaos given by one’s Psyche, but always less than a quarter of the way to Amber, it deteriorates into what is effectively the Black Pathways power (one of my Alternatives to the Logrus). Extra character points are available as follows: Getting a character to me before the ‘con: +10 points Imaginative Social Demon Form: +5 points Good Reason Why You Are Not On The Battlefield: +5 points (These last two will be judged by me!) Note that I do _not_ intend to run a separate game for each player character; as such, characters who can and will cooperate with each other in the game would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
    • GM: Pete Marshall
    • Description: When the Nazis nuked Moscow & Leningrad in late 1941, followed shortly by Britain & France surrendering unconditionally the European Civil War came to a sudden halt. Now 30 years later it appears inevitable that a thermonuclear war between the remaining free nations (US, Canada, Brazil Australia etc.) and the Grosser Deutsche Reich will soon occur. The West has one chance to avoid the entire threat of a nuclear war with the Nazis and a small team is being assembled to undertake this mission. Want to save the world? Go to faraway places where you can convert the local population to geography, the local buildings to archaeology and the opposition to bad movie clichés?
    • Characters: Pre-generated characters provided. Choose from Jack Ryan, Mr Clark (Tom Clancy Novels), Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1), Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg (Buffy), Harry Palmer ( Len Deighton Novels) & Dr Henry Jones Jr ( Do you have to ask?) Feel free to send in a list for preference, or discuss over email/phone/Royal Snail which character would suit best. Note that their history will be different from the materials they have been stolen from but Jones is still an archaeologist, Giles an archivist, Carter & Rosenberg still techies etc. Also none of them have any powers, no Pattern, Logrus, Shape-shift, Trump, Sorcery etc.

  8. The Road Less Travelled
    • GM: Emma Sansone
    • Description: Alternate Amber, SF setting. In a far distant future, the Empire spans the Universe and the Emperor (may His glorious name blaze for ever among the stars) owns everything. So, when news reaches the Imperial System that an obscure archaeologist has stumbled upon some rather interesting ruins on an even more obscure planet orbiting a dying sun, His Imperial Glory orders an expedition to delve deeper, and bring back anything that might appeal to His exquisite taste. And you are part of that expedition.
    • Characters: All characters are human or humanoid, and can be drawn from any reasonably well-known SF universe (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek, Farscape, Babylon 5), preferably TV or cinema but books are OK (e.g. Frank Herbert’s Dune series, CJ Cherry’s Chanur series, David Weber’s Honor series, etc.) as long as you’re prepared to give me extra explanations for things I’m not familiar with. Tech level includes jump gates and hyperspace, fazers and assorted beam weapons, but not warp drive, Star Trek style transporter technology, or replicators. Psionic powers exist, they occur with varying degrees of rarity in different races, and replace ADRP magic. Shapeshifters are rumoured to have existed a long time ago. No knowledge of Pattern or Logrus exists. All characters need a reason to be in the expedition (you can be anything from an archaeologist, a xenolinguist, a maintenance tech on the ship, whatever. You cannot be one of the ship’s commanding officers, as they will not be going planetside.) Characters have 200 points to spend, with 0 being Human average. Suitably SF artefacts are encouraged. Further info on character creation, details of Psi powers, available races, the Empire, and anything else that occurs to me at: I reserve the right to veto anything that would unbalance the game, or that offends my exquisite sense of taste – such as any character even vaguely resembling Jar Jar Binks.