Gamebook 2003

1/1 A Darkened Fate 
GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

Description: It’s only ten years into Random’s reign as king, and already things are going wrong. Maybe the pattern wasn’t fixed properly, maybe dark things were awakened by the storms that rose afterwards, either way something is very badly wrong with the universe. 
Ever since Random was wounded defending the stairs of Amber, he has been a changed man. He has spent years studying books and has transferred most of the defences of Amber to his brothers and sisters. Now he has gone missing, the pattern has started behaving oddly and a great storm has been foretold descending upon Amber. You are all meeting at the entrance to Dworkin’s lair and are descending into it to see if you can find out what’s wrong. 
Characters: Characters are all pre-generated. Please list the following characters in order of preference: Benedict, Bleys, Caine, Fiona, Flora, Gerard, Julian, Llewella.  
Players: 6

1/2 Creatures of Light and Darkness
GM: Genevieve Cogman

Description: Venice: where Amber stretches out into the sea, all canals and bridges and old buildings. It’s Carnival tonight; put on your mask and come down to play. The Elders all have their own business to attend to, which is probably why you can’t find them — a pity, because you’re out of your depth. From the heights to the depths and through the looking glass, a darkly surreal game of Carnival.
Characters: At least one parent of the Corwin generation — negotiate with the GM about who it is, and who the other parent is. 120 point characters — nothing Exalted, anything Advanced by significant negotiation (you are all young), Sorcery and Conjuration significantly devalued in Amber and requiring negotiation with GM, Power Words nonexistent. 10-point contributions accepted.
Players: 6

1/3 The Secrets of Castle Amber
GM: Helen Lyon Dixon

Description: Dark and twisted things are happening in shadow and the Elders have told you to stay put. You have been told, in no uncertain terms, that leaving the castle would be a very bad thing to do. Of course they can hardly complain if you don’t actually leave the castle, and one of you has found some ancient maps of the basement. There’s rooms marked on there that you’re sure no one else knows about. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give them all a surprise when they return?  
Characters: All characters must be submitted in advance of the game. Please submit only background details and rough guidelines for abilities, the GM will then generate your character.
Players: 4 – 5

1/4 Our Mutual Friend
GMs: Tim Hart & Jason Pickering

Description: Now that the traitorous necromancer has been dealt with, matters of State can once again take precedent, or at least that is Gerard’s intention.
As the Storm slowly recedes from Amber, the newly revealed territories present new opportunities and new dangers in equal measure. However, as other unresolved problems continue to simmer away in the background, will these cast a shadow over Gerard’s Regency?
Characters: The game is set in a Victorian-style Amber and is a continuation of  the ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Body of Evidence’ games, so priority will be given to returning players.
Returning characters have an extra 10 character points and 10 influence points to spend.
New characters will be either young Amberites in the 15-20 age group, brought into Amber before the rest of the family set off for the Patternfall War ten years ago, or Amberites returning to the city for some reason, possibly from the War itself. New characters will be built on 75pts, with an additional 15 influence points. As before, a partial powers system will operate, details of which are available at
Players: 8 – 10

1/5 The Blair Affair
GM: Pete Marshall

Description: The year is 2047 and the world is not hugely different from today in most ways. As far as the average bod in the street is concerned, there’s a bit more money, more chance to work their way up the ladder of ambition. An optimist could look at this time and see a golden age dawning, but you’re not the average bod are you? Thirty odd years ago your parents fled Britain to avoid being rounded up as part of the response to the coup attempt to overthrow what became Lord Protector Anthony Blair. It was a bloody, ruthless, stupid, shambles of a coup attempt, the response was in turn, incredibly bloody, totally ruthless, well planned & brilliantly executed. Your parents were among the few thousand that managed to get away and then managed to stay hidden from the SAS & SBS death squads that hunted the survivors across the globe for a decade afterwards. You were born in this time of terror. (2010 to 2020)
Characters: Characters are in the process of being hired to work for the Corporate Core (the bit that controls the other bits) of Empery Transcom (A corporation founded some 40 years ago that is now about the 9th or 10th largest economic organisation in the World (a company with the annual turnover of say, Italy. This is a corporation that would regard BP, Microsoft and Volkswagen as subsidiaries or operating divisions.)) Create a character that would be headhunted by such an organisation. Security, blue-sky research, Government Liaison, etc are seen as Core duties. Marketing, branding, advertising are not. (Yes, they have a corporate intell/security/whatever dept, just very few people know about it)
Points, you have got no points, come up with a description, if it takes more than a couple of minutes to read, it’s too long….
Knowledge Read 1984!
Players: 3 – 5

1/6 Blood of Amber I: Holocaust
GM: David Moore

Description: A year has passed since the traitor Brand, transfixed on a wooden crossbow bolt, fell into the Abyss and took the Gem of Law with him. Chaos has been subjugated to the will of the Obsidion Throne and an uneasy peace has settled upon Shadow. In the eternal night of Amber, human rebels strive to overthrow the vampires that rule over them, and the Wives of Oberon have ordered that their leaders be rooted out and publicly executed. Amidst the bloody purge, the unthinkable happens, and a vampire – one of the petty rulers that govern out in the Crimson Circle in the Court’s name – is killed.
A parallel Amber universe where Dworkin founded a dynasty of vampires. This is planned to be the first session of a campaign game.
Characters: Characters are built on 150 points, using special character creation rules that will be sent out before the Con. Maximum of one contribution, and up to five points either way of Stuff.
Players: 6 – 8

1/7 Lion Rampant (A Clan Amber scenario)
GM: Jim Trappitt

Description: Braveheart meets Highlander in an epic tale of bravery against all odds.
Once again the lands and the people of the Clan McAmbhar are under threat from evil external forces. Once again the call goes forth for stalwart members of the Clan to rally to banner of the Unicorn to defend to the death the “wee bit hill and glen” that is called Home.
Characters: This is a variant Shadow Amber set in the Mediaeval Scottish Highlands. New characters will be based off 60 points and will be generated before the con. Returning characters will need to send me a wish list. Characters must have sworn loyalty to the Clan. No Pattern or Logrus, no Shadow Knight material. Stuff limit of 10 points either way. Anyone wishing to make contributions should talk to me first. Priority will be given to returning players.
Players: 6 – 7

1/8 One of our satellites is missing
GM: Richard Urwin

Description: How is it possible to have a satellite black spot the size of Basingstoke?
The date is now. The timeline is the same as ours. Players are employees of Lagrange Solutions Ltd., a private company offering space-based services ranging from satellite insertions, through on-orbit maintenance, micro-gravity research and production to human-presence.
Characters: Choose from: R&D, Engineering, Operations, and provide a CV and a job title.
Players: 6 – 8 Earth-normal (or close, make me an offer)

1/9 Amber Spyglass
GM: Alan Wake

Description: (With apologies to Philip Pullman) “We stand at the threshold of a new age. No longer will we be subject to the whims of the Authority and his followers. Here, we will raises the standard of our Republic and begin to build a better future.” So said Lord Asriel, defying the Lord of the Clouded Mountain and his corrupt followers. Yet his success or failure relies not on the armies he gathers in Shadow, but on two children and their strange companions…
This is not a canon Amber game, using instead the setting of the DARK MATERIALS trilogy. 
Characters: Pre-generated – info from the GM. 
Players: 4 – 6

2/1 Lady Florimel’s Academy for Gifted Young Ladies 
GM: Ben Crossley 

Description: Lady Florimel’s Academy for Gifted Young Ladies is a prestigious school, nestled in leafy woodland. For ten months of the year, it is simply a school with traditional values, teaching the daughters of the world s richest families. In the other two months, the Scholarship class are granted special tuition while the normal girls are on vacation. Unusual young ladies, possessed of great strength, speed and intelligence, some of them wielding unusual powers are taught swordplay, magic and court intrigue. Things are different this year however. Something has changed and all is not as it seems at the Academy. What manner of strange happenings are afoot and will the girls be able to survive the summer? 
N.B. If this setting works, I may re-use it at future Cons 
Characters: Children of Elders (don t choose your parent!). 80 points. No Pattern, Nothing Advanced, no Shadow Knight stuff. 
Players: 6 – 8 

2/2 Cast Away
GM: Richard Cunningham 

Description: Amber stands. Years have passed and your generation has been its defenders in your elders’ absence. Now, with Patternfall won, the storms abated, and Amber’s princes returned, you are free to roam and explore Shadow fully. 
But the legacy of an old enemy awaits the unwary.  Trapped, deep in Shadow, you find yourself battling for survival, against the elements, against your solitude, against the nightmares of the past.  And you may have brought your most deadly enemy with you.
Characters: Younger generation Amberites.  NO Chaosians. Generation: Partial powers house rules.  Consult GM. 
Players: 5

2/3 Shade and Cool waters
GM: Herman Duyker

Description: ‘… a place of silver and shade and cool waters, where the stars shone like bonfires at night and the green of day was always the green of spring. Youth, love, beauty — I knew them in Avalon. Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. Honour…’ [GoA, 31]
You have been living in the land called Avalon for quite a number of years now. Some of you might remember the last of the great battles, but most of you can only remember the many years of
peace. Peace under Lord Corwin, Sorcerer King, his noble Knights, and his lovely Lady, Gwenhwyfar.
The old enmities seem forgotten, but there are rumours of strange creatures on the loose in the Forest Sauvage. Worse however are the rumours of treachery in the castle of Avalon…
This is a game based on Amber, the brief glimpses of Avalon therein, and the legends and myths of King Arthur. It is a sort of “prequel” of the Moonlight and Roses game I ran in 1999.
Characters: 75 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs.
Players: 2 – 8

2/4 The Fall of the Watchers
GM: Dave Kirkham

“The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, men of renown.”Genesis, 6:4
“Then they took wives, each choosing for himself; whom they began to approach, and with whom they cohabited; teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the dividing of roots and trees.” – Book of Enoch, 7:10
You are The Watchers. You are Lords and rule this land. The shadow-folk that inhabit this realm call you the Nephilim (“Fallen Ones”); the Emim (“Terrors”); the Rephaim (“Weakeners”); the Gibborim (“Giant Heroes”); the Zamzummim (“Achievers”); the Awwim (“Devastators”); and many other names besides. They say you are the offspring of fallen Angels and earthly women – close, but untrue – yet you maintain the illusion; it suits your purposes well. In reality, you are the progeny of denizens on the Courts. Your mission is to prepare these people for a time when they may be needed. So you breed and teach them magics …and rule with an iron fist.
Yet these are troubled times. From the North and the East come rumours of rebellion. A wanderer has appeared, a prophet, who calls himself Enoch. He has raised the mortals against your kind, with promises of freedom and enlightenment. He is said to have magics greater than those you have taught the shadow-folk. This worries you greatly. A Grand Council has been called, and you have all been summonsed…
Characters: Pre-generated characters.  Brush up on your Logrus.
Players: 4

2/5 “…Never the Hunt Divided”
GM: Alistair Morley

Description: The aftermath of patternfall sees strange alliances in a weakened Courts. And the discovery of a traitor’s legacy draws a diverse group of Lords through far-shadow on a mission of critical import; one that may restore the fortunes of Chaos. Though bound together by Royal command, their mutual distrust and divergent agendas will twist their response to the shifting challenges and dangers they encounter. And then there is the interference of those hated others, tainted by strange blood, from lands beyond the grace of the serpent….
A game of unlikely allies, and uncertain foes for a loose team of chaosians, representing various factions and houses. The ability to trust, and betray, in good order is the key to survival here.
Characters: Lord-level chaosians . Guidelines will be distributed to players before game. Style: serious, and deadly
Players: 5

2/6 Free Rebma… Again
GMs: Andy Ransom and Edwin Voskamp

Description: Set after Patternfall with things having gone more or less as they did in the first series; Random is King, Amber won the war… but with the added element that there is a significant amount of civil unrest in Rebma which while technically ruled by Llewella is under the “Protectorship” of Benedict.
While this game is not a throne war in the traditional sense there is likely to be player-player conflict during the game.
This game was designed by Mark C. MacKinnon, Jesse Scoble & Paul Vlamis and is being run at ACUK with their permission.
Characters: Characters are all taken from the novels. After character allocation players will receive a brief outline of the characters goals and past actions, then allocate points to stats & powers as they choose – all characters to be based on 300 points. All character creation to be completed before the Con, players must contact the GMs prior to the Con.
Players: 9 – 14

2/7 Don’t give away the homeworld
GMs: Martin Smith, Michael Royle, Marie Colwell, Fraser Hotchkiss

Summary: Amber has triumphed over the Courts of Chaos. Random has been crowned King of Amber. A delegation from the Courts have agreed to attend a meeting at the tree of Ygg at 12 o/c noon to negotiate and sign a treaty confirming their surrender and the new status quo. The characters are the chief aides to the King, Princes and Princess’ of Amber who will attend the meeting. Their job is to keep things running smoothly, fetch refreshments, keep notes and so on. (Character creation based on 50pts with no pattern, logrus or shadow knight stuff available.)
Players: 8 – 10 (one per Elder)

2/8 Black Fang Down
GM: Jim Trappitt

Description: The United Shadows peacekeeping mission to Grosnia comes under threat when a dragon crashes in the hills. Volunteers are required to undertake a deep penetration mission into insurgent territory to ensure that this Weapon of Mass Destruction does not fall into the wrong hands……
Characters: Characters will be based of 0 (zero) points and will be generated before the con. No advanced powers, no Shadow Knight material. Stuff limit of 3 points either way. No Contributions. Characters will be members of the Amber Castle Guard and will have sworn loyalty to Amber. Priority will be given to Grunts with previous combat experience.
Players: 6 – 8

3/1 The glory of Earth
GM: Jez Birtwell

Description: Who’d have ever thought that Amber would be the secondary realm, but since the emergence of a shoddy pattern on shadow Earth, everyone who’s anyone is taking up residence on our own Gaia. And not only that. This pattern is open to all rich and famous. David and Victoria Beckham, Brittney Spears, Tom Cruise; all initiates of the earth pattern. Princess Flora rules over all with an iron grip of social decency. But as always, something is definately amiss, with death drifting on the air.
Characters: 100 point youngish Amberites. Players who choose Pattern should be based on famous characters from anywhere over the last 90 years with a good excuse for not being around for a while. Players who choose Earth (i.e. Broken) Pattern should be celebrities from the last few years. Apart from Broken Pattern, standard core Amber rules apply, with Advanced powers being by negotiation.
Players: 4

3/2 The Fix
GM: Genevieve Cogman

Description: You were serving in the Amber Embassy in Chaos — until a message came. Apparently you’re needed back at home. Something’s wrong in Chaos, and Amber is being blamed for it. A post-Patternfall tale of family, plot and addiction. Nobody’s perfect.
Characters: At least one parent of the Corwin generation — negotiate with the GM about who it is, and who the other parent is. 120 point characters — nothing Exalted, anything Advanced by significant negotiation (you are all young), Sorcery and Conjuration significantly devalued in Amber and requiring negotiation with GM, Power Words nonexistent. Everyone is addicted to something as a result of the war, whether it is physical or psychological. Take 1 – 20 points of Bad Stuff according to how severe it is, and tell me about it. 10-point contributions accepted.
Players: 6

3/3 Attack of the Clones
GM: Jan Pieter de Graaf

Description: Life is full of uncertainties, yet thankfully there are always a few steady rocks to fall back on in this constant sea of change: Amber, Pattern, Family, and if all else fails, your own unique guile and skills. Being Caine, Prince of Amber, the latter is really the only thing you know 
you can rely on. Which makes the unexpected appearance of all these other Caines – each claiming to be the One and Only – all the more unsettling.
Characters: Sometime during the primary stages of Patternfall. Eric is King, Corwin is in his dungeon cell, sans eyesight. At least. that is what you remember. Players will each take on the role of a pregenerated Caine. Some feedback beforehand detailing your personal vision of Caine would be welcome. Cooperation amongst Caines is not strictly required, but may greatly increase your chances of survival. Oh, and the title notwithstanding, this all has very little to do with Star Wars.
Players: 6

3/4 ‘The Elders’ Game
GMs: Owen Humphreys and Diana Probst

Description: A humorous elders’ game, with lots of role-playing. Set in Amber’s future. Possible mayhem and carnage with interruptions for a spot of afternoon tea. No background is worth giving because it might be seen as misleading, and you wouldn’t want us to mislead you now, would you? Within an hour you should be cursing our names.
Characters: The ‘familiar’ elders will be auctioned in an unusual fashion. Yes, that means that who you are depends on what you bid. There is some pre-allocation of points, but also a partial powers list.
Players: 8

3/5 Blood of Arrakis
GMs: Keith Pharoah-Metcalf & Steve Wilson

Description: “We’ve a three-point civilisation: the Imperial Household balanced against the Federated Great Houses of the Landsraad, and between them, the Guild with its damnable monopoly on interstellar transport. In politics the tripod is the most unstable of all structures. It’d be bad enough without the complication of a feudal trade culture which turns its back on most science.” – Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohaim, Proctor Superior of the Bene Gesserit school on Wallach IX
A non-Amber game world based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. You are a key member in one of three Great Houses competing to control spice production on Arrakis. The spice is the most precious substance in the known universe. Expect spying, political manoeuvring, betrayals and even open conflict.
Characters: Characters are based on 100 points, with new Powers and Trainings to replace Amber ones. Choose a basic character type from 1) Head of House, 2) Heir Apparent, 3) Chief of Intelligence/ Master of Assassins, 4) Commander of Armed Forces/ Sword Master, 5) Bene Gesserit Advisor (female only), 6) Some other important position within one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad.
Attributes will be auctioned by email before the convention. Full details on how to create characters will be sent out then.
Players: 6 – 9

3/6 Patterns of Blood
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf

Description: When Corwin lay exhausted after creating his Pattern and Brand snatched the Jewel from him, Brand also stabbed him. As a result, Corwin’s Pattern was damaged, and when Corwin finally made it to Chaos, he was short on blood and time. That little altercation at the edge of the abyss went a little differently… Now you need to root out Brand’s allies.
Characters: A prompt response will allow you to build your own elder on 300 points. A slow response gets you a pre-generated elder. All elders except Eric and Brand are available, first come, first served. Some of you will be traitors.
Players: 6 – 8

3/7 “Reflections”
GM: Tim Stokes

Description:    You hear a dark tale about a place far away that catches your people’s imagination. You start asking yourself why? Then, against the wishes of your friends and family, you begin to investigate. This catches the attention of occult parties and you soon find yourself on a mission to save your world. However, things are not what they appear and reality is stranger than fiction…
Style:  This game is based on a short story and web/game narrative project that I am working on at the moment. It is loosely based on the style and content of Neil Gaiman’s comics and the idea of parallel/reverse narrative (e.g. the films “Memento” and “Existenz”).
Characters:    All character stats/powers are pre-generated by the GM. You are welcome to provide character backgrounds – you have not heard of Amber or Chaos and consequently have no major powers (Pattern, Logrus or Trump). Backgrounds should concentrate on your psychology and shadow upbringing.  None of the characters know each other (shadow is infinite).
Players: 4 – 6

GMs: Edwin Voskamp and Andy Ransom

Description: Grand Design is a pioneering firm researching, developing and providing new media Internet products and services, using advanced alternate technologies for wireless products.  The website at will give you more of an idea about life and work at Grand Design.
Characters: Characters are all Grand Design permanent employees, returning characters welcome. New players also welcome, but new character to be generated before the Con. Players must contact the GMs prior to the game!
Players: 8

4/1 Amber Afterlives
GM: Linda Cottrell

Description: I greet you in the name of the Unicorn. Behold the spirit of Corwin who was in life sibling, friend, enemy, or perhaps beloved of you.  He must now stand trial for his deeds in life.  You have elected to defend and counsel him, or to aid his prosecution.
Characters: Player Characters may be any character from the books, maximum 200 points, no exalted anything.  Some pre-generated characters are available.  Player created characters must be submitted by Friday 11 July.  All players should contact GM before the game.
This game is based upon the Amber DRPG system, and the Dork Tower Afterlives game supplement for any RPG system.
Players: 8

4/2 Amber 2.0 
GM: Ben Crossley 

Description: Patternfall is over. The forces of Amber have won and the traitor Brand is missing, presumed dead. But something is not right. Pattern Ghosts are appearing outside of Tir Na Nog, there are strange glitches in many Shadows and time is behaving oddly. As time goes by, the sensation of being watched grows. What is happening and why? 
Characters: 80 points, Pattern for free. Restrictions: Check Advanced or Shadow Knight stuff.  
Players: 6 – 8

4/3 The Hydra’s Young
GMs: Richard Cunningham & Alistair Morley 

Description: Merlin was not the only card up Chaos’ sleeve: a calculated breeding program had produced heirs from all of Amber’s major lines, mixing the blood of Chaos with that of the Unicorn for almost any eventuality.  The result:  you.  But what no-one anticipated was the result of the losses from Patternfall.  Now, those made to be pawns have become powers in their own right, succeeding to the mantles of ruling lords of the Houses of Chaos, and positions of power within the Royal household. 
It is a dangerous time.  The peace negotiations with Amber are in their final stages, and there are many who would have your kind destroyed as an abomination.  But there is much to play for, too.  Those who have risen fast, could rise further. 
This is a game of intrigue, scheming and danger.  Come prepared.
Characters: Amber-heritage Chaosians. Generation: Partial powers house rules.  Consult GM. 
Players: 10 – 12

4/4 Pretenders – The Chaos Slayers
GM: Herman Duyker

Description: “Pretender meets Buffy in Castle Amber” Three years ago, some of you escaped from the place known as ‘The Centre’ — and discovered a whole new world out there. A world of violence, a world of intrigue.
You have returned to Castle Amber with Prince Corwin, who some of you can call father. There, Uncle Random rules as King. But something is not right in Amber. Something lurks there which cannot stand the bright light of day…
Characters: The characters will all be playing children and youths, aged 7 to 20. Characters will be built on 50 points with +10 points max for contributions, and a +- 5 limit on stuff. As this is not a ‘standard’ Amber game, most powers are unavailable — likewise, no Personal Shadows, Allies, or Items. Full background will be sent out before the con. Children of Corwin are preferred.
For more info, look on the web at 
Priority to returning players, but new players also welcome.
Players: 2 – 7

4/5 Knights of Amber
GM: Tony Jones

Description: Long, long before the Patternfall War, the town of Amber is ruled by Good King Oberon, with his beautiful Queen, Cymnea, their three sons, Benedict, Osric and Finndo, and his … eccentric … advisor, Dworkin at his side. Although the Royal family is very powerful, skilled in Magic and the mysterious power of the Pattern, still threats come out of shadow, and Amber must be defended from them. To do this, Oberon has created the Knights of Amber, an elite force of the best, the most skilled, the most honourable of the Amber nobility. Trained in combat and Magic, they defend Amber from all who would threaten it. You are one of these Knights…
For more details, see 
Players: 6

4/6 Hell Hound Soldiers
GM: Michael Royle

Description: You are grunts in the service of Amber. King Random has summoned your squad. Julian is dead and his body is in his hunting lodge in Arden. Your mission is to recover the body and bring it back to Amber Castle for investigation.
Characters: Zero Points Amber grunts, no major powers. May sell down, may have +/- 10 points of stuff.
Players: 6

4/7 The Mask of Kashfa
GM: Astrid Tops

Description: With the Amberites finally gone and the new Kashfan Council firmly in power, you’d think everything would be peachy and money and power would be rolling your way. And so it would, if that pesky guy with the black mask wouldn’t be riding around and claiming to be liberating Kashfa from its evil oppressors (meaning you lot, apparently). Oh, and don’t forget those
annoying Chaosians who might be steamrolling your country at a moment’s notice if they thought it would benefit them in any way. Well, life is full of opportunities, there are always your fellow council members to blame for the whole mess, and you just know that with a bit of scheming you will have things go your way. That is – if your mostly incompetent and disloyal followers don’t screw up as usual.
Characters: This is a merry freeform for scheming bastards, and a loose continuation of the Viva Zapata! game of 2001. So while the 2001 players have a first option, there is definitely room for more schemers here, and prior knowledge is hardly required. As I’m intending this to run as a freeform, character creation will be something of a co-production: you tell me what you want to play, and I’ll help set up your assets, info and your goals. Those that do not contact me in time will have to play a pre-gen character. Oh yes, as the last time, dressing up for the part will give you a 10 point bonus.
Players: 8

4/8 Per Dementia, Ad Infinitum
GM: Tommy Wareing

Description: It’s been peaceful since Patternfall. Random is king. It’s been quiet and non-controversial. Until last night…
Something… was fighting the Unicorn in the storm on Kolvir.
Nobody’s seen the Elders this morning.
Over breakfast, a question arises.
“What’s going on?”
Characters: 100 points. Characters should be expected to be in residence in Castle Amber.
Players: 6