Submit a Game

AmberCon UK depends on its games, and the games depend on you, the GMs. (Yes, that’s YOU!) If you’ve run a game for us before, then you know you want to run another one, if you haven’t, then now’s your chance! All GMs are always greatly appreciated. Guidelines for writing your game description and a form to submit your game are below.

The game schedule will be sent to all registered members at the start of August, and members will have a week to make their choices. Games will then be allocated, and players and GMs will have a few weeks to discuss characters, thereby allowing everyone to be fully prepared in advance.

Game descriptions should contain:

  • GM Name
  • Game Title
  • Game Description
  • Please keep this fairly short, wherever possible. If you have large amounts of background information for your players, you might want to include a web address.
  • Character Restrictions
    This should include the guidelines for creating characters. You should also mention what sort of game it is (e.g. crossover, elders, freeform) or whether it is a continuation from previous years, whether new players are accepted and anything else you think your players should know about your game.
  • Number of players
    We will aim to assign you no more players than the number you state, but that might not always be possible. If your game has a definite upper or lower limit on the number of players, please let us know.
  • Preferred Game Slot
    There are 4 game slots at AmberCon UK:
    Slot 1   (Friday evening 7:30pm until late)
    Slot 2   (Saturday day 9am – 5pm)
    Slot 3   (Saturday evening 7:30pm until late)
    Slot 4   (Sunday 10am – 6pm)

The evening slots are usually shorter than the day slots. Slot 3 will probably be the shortest, about 5 hours. You can select more than one game slot if you are flexible.

Continuation games will tend to be in the same slot as in any previous year.

The game description deadline is 1st July 2020.