Gamebook 2006

Slot 1

1/1 To Rescue a  Prince
GM: Matthew B
Description: The Forth Reich has dominated the worlds for over 3 generations, building camps and performing atrocities for whatever reasons they decide. But now word has reached the resistance that they have taken prisoner Crown Prince Martin of Amber. Perhaps between the resistance and the rescuers from another world an alliance can be reached and the foul domain of the Nazi could be crushed forever.
Characters: 100pt characters sent by either Rebma or 60pt characters sent by the Resistance. No Shadow Knight, items and animals may not function properly where you are going. Rebma may send young amberites or even chaosians, the Resistance my send sorcerers or conjurers but no other powers, and being of Corwin’s ancestry costs 5pts.
Players: 4 – 6

1/2 Five Spices In Amber
GM: Ben C
Description: The Earth is in grave danger from the dark powers of The Bleak and only five special princesses with royal Amberite blood (and their bus-driving, rock-opera-singing older cousin!) can save the day!
This game is based on a caricature image of the Spice Girls at the height of their success, merged with the Amber universe and given a bit of an anime feel..!
Characters: Pre-generated characters. Players need to send in a priority list of which Spice Girl (or Meat Loaf) they would prefer to play. First come, first served!
Players: 6

1/3 Most Eligible
GM: Declan F
Description: Lord Benedict, eldest living son of Oberon is known to be a real catch. He’s honourable, competent and some even claim he can be kindly. Further more the time is ripe: He’s had some sort of falling out with Lady Isabella who held his interest for several months, and the King’s been overheard talking about his responsibilities as his heir apparent (which may mean he wishes him to wed).
All that remains to do is figure out how to get the Prince under your thumb, and ensure he picks you as his future wife. It should be easy – men are always easy to manipulate.
Characters: The characters are the Ladies of the Court of Amber. As GM I will expect four short paragraph describing:
a) the Ladies looks, appearance, favourite clothing etc.;
b) the Ladies personality;
c) a paragraph describing the publicly known facts about herself and her family; and d) a paragraph describing the less savoury or concealed facts about her family. (a, b and c will be made available to the other players)
Finally, the character stats should be determined using the partial power system listed at
House Rules: If the player initiates any secret events carried out in the corridor, they will carry a up to 5 points of inherent bad stuff (acts which could easily have been done by note carrying the highest penalty). Secret stuff done by note will carry between 0 and 5 good stuff dependent on legibility of the note. These points are not cumulative. GM initiated secret events will not carry any stuff (no matter how they are carried out)
Players: 4 – 6

1/4 The City of Dreaming Books
GM: Jan Pieter G
Description: A mysterious theft, right in the heart of Amber, is proper cause for embarrassment for King Random. Having it occur just when a major Chaosian diplomatic mission is visiting Amber to hammer out a new treaty or two is a bloody scandal, and damn right inconvenient to boot. Luckily, the King can rely on his loyal nephews and nieces to discover the culprits, deal with them, and retrieve the stolen artefact. Even if the trail should lead them to Bookholm, the City of Dreaming Books.
Characters:    A light-hearted, cooperative adventure set post first series and inspired by the works of Walter Moers (though knowledge of his books should be neither a hindrance nor a requirement).
Characters to be young Amberites (75 points, Pattern free), who have all sworn allegiance to Random. No Shadow Knight stuff and no advanced Powers. Sorcery and Conjuration are allowed, though their effectiveness in Amber is rather restricted, and PCs may encounter similar (or different) restrictions on other worlds depending on the Shadow laws governing them. Suggestions about PCs’ parentage are welcome, though may be altered if deemed inappropriate for the game.
Players:  6

1/5 The Sable Game
GM: Trish H
Description: The Sable game is based on the Amber Diceless RPG, but is set within a Pattern-type realm other than Amber itself. The PCs will be the trusted agents of the King of Sable – soldiers, diplomats, merchants, investigators, etc: the most talented of the mortals, chosen by His Majesty to help in the smooth running of the Kingdom.
Characters: New-made characters should be built on 70pts, but with all stats starting at Chaos. Partial buy ups and buy downs are possible. Returning characters from any iteration of the Sable game are welcome, and can add points to reach the 70pt total if they so desire.
Most Powers are available – although not full Pattern or Logrus – and an alternate form of magic is available as well as the Wujcik book version. No constructs. Other items will need to be cleared with the GM. The game website is available at: There’s even the bare bones of a character generation system there!
Players are requested to contact the GM in advance.
Players: 6

1/6 There’s a hole in my Trump, dear Random
GM: Jason P
Description:  For a while Trump Calls have not been working the way they should and the problem has been getting worse. At first, it was only detectable by Trump Artists as a slight interference on calls, but now calls are being cut off without warning and reason. The leaders of the Courts of Chaos and of Amber have decided to get their ‘top people’ to investigate the problem in a joint effort to resolve the situation.
Characters:    The game is set some time after the 2nd series of books. Character can come from either the Courts of Chaos or from Amber. 120 points + free basic Trump Artistry.
5 points Stuff limit. No constructs.
Players: 5 – 6

1/7 Momento
GM: Alan Wake
Description: The Emperor Martin, stealer of your past, is on the defensive. The Noble Houses, Church and League are united against him. You know the potent tools of your former lives must be re- assembled before he launches a counter-strike. In the face of the Emperor and his peerless Unicorn knights will the alliance hold? Or will ancient rivalries consign the weak to the Holy Flame?
Characters: An Amber/Fading Suns crossover. Details on Powers from the GM. 100pts characters based on the Elder Amberites. Constructs developed with the Shadow Knight rules will be considered if submitted before the Con.
Players: 4 – 7

Slot 2

2/1 Pattern’s Weapons
GM: Matthew B
Description: We don’t talk about what that first attack did to us, two of the Family slain and the remaining standing between life and death. We, the proud and brave, were struck down by our allies, without warning or reason. Ghenesh struck at us with powers and a single minded fury we could not comprehend. Finndo’s and Osric’s bodies lay somewhere out there in the valleys where the aurora still blazed.
We didn’t know what we know now, and stood there on the brink of the end of the world, the nightmare of the maelstrom held back by the fading powers of our King who’s very strength was fleeing from his body day by day. Every morning I would climb the Tower of the Prophets and look across at the swirling mass that licked the edges of valleys, alive and twisted, from the walls visible as a blot on the horizon.
When Oberon’s aide Dworkin gave his instructions we followed them not caring anymore, the wraiths swirling around the castle no longer attacked or even stopped. A few people would be lost every day, those who were careless and those who stepped outside no longer able to withstand the siege, whose souls would leave their bodies as the enemies passed through them. We found the people he wanted and did the deeds he demanded and sent them off into dark never expecting them to return, certainly never expecting them to succeed.
– The introduction to Lord Rein’s “The Bloodless War”
Characters: 32pt characters, no stuff, no shadow knight weirdness, creatures or imbued powers except pattern, shapeshifting, trump or logrus, no buying stats down below chaos, no sorcery or conjuration. Also generate a single item (and you are allowed only one) as per the standard rules at a maximum cost of 16pts, you pay for this from your points and it’s where your soul currently resides, so be careful with it, oh.. no guns, tanks, missile launchers or other anacrotech. You are all volunteers, for love, duty, revenge or reward is your choice, and you all know that you are the last chance to save Amber. The Setting is Pre-Books, War of Ghenesh, Corwin and Caine are teenagers and Deirdre is yet to be born.
Players: 4 – 6

2/2 Reality Police
GM: Ben C
Description: The private security firm of Amber Incorporated has existed outside of time and space since those concepts had meaning. From the Castle station located deep in a metauniverse, agents of Amber travel all of SpaceTime thwarting the agents of Chaos and the forces of the Unmakers. Taken from all walks of life, all times and all places, the Reality Police of Amber Inc. are among the best of the best of the best, trained and enhanced through exposure to the forces of creation. Make reality a better place – join up today!
Characters: 100 points, +/- 10 points of Stuff maximum, no Pattern, No Logrus.
Players: 6

2/3 Camlann’s Eve
GMs: Richard C & Alistair M

Description: On the third day the mist parted and the sun rose, for the Great Hosts were drawn up in a glory of arms which the many worlds had ne’er beheld. The banner of the Unicorn, flown high in green and gold. The banner of the Serpent, resplendent in black and vermillion. And all that remained of Shadow was stilled in breath.
A last truce was called, and the Kings of both realms met to parley in a field of tents between the hosts. Drained by the long struggle beyond their years, the task of avoiding cataclysm would fall from the wearied monarchs to their kin and councillors. These Lords and Princes, proud and bold, ageless and damned, would reprove, revel, and debate their causes, ‘ere steel put an end to argument, forever.
And so the days drew down into twilight, whilst the mists whispered of treachery, and death.
Characters: Players are Princes of Amber and Lords of Chaos, trusted with plenipotentiary status, on the eve of the last, great, battle that would decide dominion over all Shadow, or none. Players will enact negotiations, betrayals, murders and strategies to avoid, embrace, or just survive the final conflict.
Custom powers & generation rules. Please contact GMs.
Players: 8 – 10

2/4 War Room
GM: Declan F
Description: “Battles are won through the ability of men to express concrete ideas in clear and unmistakable language.”  – Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall, U.S. Army
“the secret of war lies in the communications” – Napoleon Bonaparte
In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.”  – Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
After the Patternfall war security of the realm was a priority. The War room was a secure location from which Generals could command the forces of Amber, using trump to follow the events, and viewing troop deployments on the great map. Dworkin’s special scry shield, trump guard and glyphs would protect the room from spies, trump attacks and unwarranted physical entry. The room was secure, possibly too secure.
Now however that security is working against you. With Benedict mortally wounded somewhere in shadow, the remaining Amberites are caught in a crippled War room, desperately trying to guide their troops through a single failing trumps window as air and time run out, and somewhere locked in with you is the Saboteur.
Characters: Pre-generated elders. Players should list a first, second and third choice of elder from the list provided at
Players: 5 – 6

2/5 The Shattered Mirror
GM: Michael R
Description: King Random has been found dead in his office. The description that has already spread like wild fire through the castle is that not a single mark was on his body. The other thing that everyone is talking about is the cracked mirrors. It appears that every mirror in Amber Castle, if not beyond, has been damaged. Queen Vialle is nominally in charge of Amber, but Julian being the only elder in Amber at the moment is issuing most of the orders. One of the first orders being for all of the characters to report to him in the library at once.
Characters: Built on 100 points, +/-10 points of Stuff. Also each character will need to select up to three backgrounds [list will be provided]. All must be blood of Amber, can also be of Chaos. No advanced powers, no Shadow Knight.
Players: 6

2/6  Azrael’s Son
GM: Richard U

Description: In six days, they say, the world was created. In three days it died.
Just a bare handful of people survived, you among them. Beset by the forces of Amber, you gained the power of the dragon and prevailed. Now finally the clean-up of Earth is complete and you can look to those golden paths that lead off into shadow. Where will they lead?
Iram indeed is gone, with all its Rose
And Jamshyd’s Sev’n-ring’d Cup – where, no one knows; But still the Vine her ancient Ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.
Up from Earth’s Centre through the Seventh Gate I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,
And many Knots unravel’d by the Road; But not the knot of Human Death and Fate. There was a Door to which I found no Key;
There was a Veil past which I could not see; Some little Talk awhile of Me and Thee
There seemed – and then no more of Thee and Me.
— Omar Khayyam
Characters: The characters are humans to be generated before the con, by the players, and based on 50 points with no powers or artifacts. Dragon power is free. Points are spent from a base of Chaos as you normally would from Amber. You can spend as many or as few as you like on any attribute; you are not limited to the -15 point human or +10 point Amber level.
+1 point per 100 words of background submitted prior to the convention. See the website: for more information.
Preference to returning characters, but all welcome.
Players: 6

Slot 3

3/1 The Deeper Game
GM: Rob E
Description: Patternfall is lost. Amber lies in ruins, the Pattern shattered and the forces of Chaos are poised to strike a final fatal blow. Gerard, last of his generation and de facto King of Amber, gathers the shreds of the royal family together to mount one last desperate stand. But despite the immediate threat of extinction, the family do not stand united.
What deeper game are they playing, and will Amber survive this final round of in-fighting? Characters: Players may either design their own character ahead of the Con (150 points, no Shadow Knight, but I must see the character at least a week ahead), or choose to play one of the (pre-generated) surviving Amberites. List top three choices from: Gerard, Coral, Dalt, Martin, Merlin, Rinaldo.
Players: 6

3/2 Aurellis
GM: Tim H
Description: It’s set on an earth very like ours, but there’s a multiverse out there too, and most people who know this have also realised that the world at large is just not ready for that news yet.
Characters: Most of the existing PCs are connected with western law enforcement or military in some way, and have become involved in organisations that are ‘enlightened’ as to the true nature of things, and desperately trying to keep that enlightenment contained. New characters would need to be built with backgrounds that would warrant interest from either some of those military and law enforcers from a recruiting angle, or of interest to the outside parties perhaps.
Continuing universe game, originally related to Amber, but with slightly different mechanics, such that new players will need to be able to contact the GM by email before the con to construct characters. Players with an existing Aurellis character are very welcome to return.
Players: 8

3/3 Cum mortuis in lingua morta
GM: Pete M
Description: Setting is 30 years after PatternFall. Random is King of Amber and Merlin is King in Chaos. Corwin is very rarely seen in Amber, last time about 5 years ago, he mostly stays in his Pattern. Fiona & Bleys mostly stay in the Court of Merlin, (finger pointing after PatternFall makes them feel “unwanted” in Amber. Otherwise everyone is where they are normally expected. (Yes, that does include the Abyss or a cave by the Primal!). Mostly the last 30 years have been spent fixing the effects of the War & the struggle for the Throne than is Amber preceded it (In Chaos the struggle for the Throne followed PatternFall & Merlin is King more by the fact there’s almost no-one else of the Bloodline left). Relationships between Amber & the Courts are peaceful but sparse. Amber isn’t really interested and many in Chaos are still playing the Game of Thrones.
Characters: Characters will be a child of the one of the Elders, with 25 points of basic pattern & 100 points for other things to develop as your primary character. As there is a reasonable chance they may end up dead, you’ll need a back up. And here’s the rub, the back up is the acknowledged child of the primary character. They will be somewhere in their late teens and get built on 100 points total (may/ may not have pattern). As both a partial powers & modified Stuff rules are being used more detailed creation rules will be emailed to players later.
Players: 4 – 7

3/4 Old Night
GMs: Simone & Keith -M

Description: The Courts of Chaos has stood at a crossroads, ever since King Swayvill was slain in the Ambertine Wars that had raged across Shadow for years, taking the best and mightiest of the First Families.  It was said by the Lords of the Seven Families that it took the Hand of Oberon and the Eye of the Serpent to bring him down. The Parliament of Chaos was founded to fill the vacumn of His fall. Great advances were made along with new freedoms for the children of the Serpent. It was a golden age and for a time this was enough. In that time of technological marvels and Gothic beauty, Thelbane grew in splendour, a living jewel at the heart of Chaos. Yet as the Logrus and the Magic began to fail more draconian laws were enforced to maintain the luxuries that the people had grown accustomed to. Some few began to question the right of the First Families to Rule the City and just what damage the death of King Swayvill, Son of Darkness and Chosen of the Serpent, had done to the very fabric of the First Realm…
Characters: Characters are the surviving offspring of the Ruling Families and should be created on two hundred and fifty points with Shapeshift for free. More details will be sent out before the ‘con.
Players: 13

3/5 Mercenary Maladies
GM:    Andy Ransom
Description: “He was a mercenary, a Robin Hood figure out of Eregnor, and a sworn enemy of Amber…” — Merlin about Dalt in Prince of Chaos.
As a member of Dalt’s elite mercenary unit (the most successful mercenaries in living memory) life can be pretty good. Then again it can also be pretty dangerous especially when Dalt assigns you one of his “special” projects…
Characters: Shadowfolk who are highly trained mercenaries. That doesn’t just mean “muscle”, you might be an engineer or a scout or a “security” mage, but ultimately you are all loyal and trusted members of an elite military unit. Rules for character generation to be provide closer to the Con.
Players: 6

Slot 4

4/1 Operation ENDURING CHAOS
GMs: Richard C & Alistair M

Description: The reports are unanimous; the Amberite Invasion of Chaos has been a complete success. 3 years after the Amberite and Golden Circle coalition ended the terrorist regime of Swayvil, clear progress has been made in restoring a stable, peace-loving government to Thelbane.
All this rumour of insurgency is overblown nonsense. The realm is definitely NOT wracked by factionalism and disorder. Amberite forces will soon find the massively destructive Logrus. The remnants of the old regime shall certainly be captured. The Church of the Serpent is a Religion of Peace. Most Chaosians welcome their Amberite liberators and are eager to learn from them. A new Chaosian Regent shall shortly be appointed, aided by the many responsible and progressive statesmen of that realm. You might as well say “mission accomplished!”.
King Random would just like to make all that clear. It’s going splendidly well. Really.
Characters: A light-hearted game of geopolitical good (and bad) intentions gone ghastly awry. Players take the roles of Princes of Amber sent to “help finalise arrangements”, and squabbling Lords of Chaos, seeking the Regency in the Amberite’s gift. Everything else should seem eerily familiar….
Custom powers & generation rules. Please contact GMs.
Players: 8 – 10

4/2 The Sleeping City
GM: Herman D
NOTE: This story plays on the same “stage” as last two years games “Fear itself”, and “Soul of the City” though it is not (strictly) a continuation. All players (new and old) are certainly welcome.
Description: Snow was early this year.
The roofs are covered with a thick layer of it, while the streets are kept clean of it, at least in the better part of town. In the area near the docks, the once pristine white had turned into all interesting kinds of grey.
From the streets below, a lithe figure is often seen on the castle walls, so very far above, walking with sure-footed steps, stopping always at the same spot to turn her blind eyes to the uncaring seas.
In a few days, the yearly Winter Celebration will be held. Everyone seems busy with the preparations for that event.
Word on the streets is that King Random has summoned his kin to visit at the castle, but Prince Gerard’s ship has not yet arrived.
And the dark clouds that gather over Kolvir do not spell much good for the weather…
Mail me at for more information.
Characters: You will be playing “normal” people living in the City or Castle of Amber. 50 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs, “0” point level for stats is Human.
More info will be sent out before the ‘Con.
Players: 4 – 6

4/3 Amber & Steel
GM: Roderick E
Description: Sapphire & Steel using variant Amber rules, i.e. Anthropomorphic representations of elemental substances protect the universe from things beyond space and time who are trying to get into the Corridor. Knowing the TV/audio series is advantageous.
Characters: This game is not suitable for crossover characters. The four traits are used as normal. All characters require at least 10pts in Shapeshifting (Blending). Pattern & Logrus are replaced with Prime. Generally speaking all powers & abilities are innate/implanted. Playing any of the characters from the series is disallowed.
See for more information.
Players: 5

4/4 Life on Juniper
GM:    Rob E
Description: “My name is Sam Corey. I was in an auto accident and woke up in a medieval land called Juniper. Am I mad? In a coma? Or back in time? One thing’s for sure, it’s like I’m on another planet. Maybe if I can figure out why I’m here, I can get home.”
Characters: Pre-generated characters. No knowledge of the John Gregory Betancourt prequels is required, or expected.
Players: 4 – 6

4/5 Those meddling kids again!
GM: Simone P-M
Description: A little power is a dangerous thing. Especially when you have no instructions on how to use it. It’s a good job you’re all so mature, careful and restrained, and that no one else knows about it, isn’t it?
Set in a similar world to our own, but about 70 years ago. Influences of Indiana Jones, etc. Technically a sequel to last year’s Meddling Kids game, but new players are also welcome. Characters: Characters are young adults with a knack for sticking their noses in where they aren’t wanted. 20 points available. Powers: Probability manipulation 10 points, Communications 10 points, Disguise 5 points, Self-Healing 5 points. Stats: 10 point limit, 10 points makes you an Olympic athlete, chess grandmaster etc., 0 points is an average human, any higher than 3 points represents a significant investment of your time that should be reflected in your background. Stuff limit: 2 points. Good stuff could be a nifty item, bad stuff could be an outstanding warrant for your arrest, be creative.
More details will be available before the ‘con.
Players: 6

4/6       Kashfa: Live and Uncut!
GMs: Astrid T & Jan Pieter de G

Description:  “Tonight at nine, join us live as we take you to a small nation on the edge of the so- called ‘Golden’ Circle, where a select group of political, military and religious leaders strive on a daily basis to keep their beloved country afloat. We’ll show you the inner workings of a frontier government in a region that has been torn apart by war for over a decade. Intrigue, corruption, scandal – and as close to Amber as we’re ever going to get!”
In the ongoing war between Amber and Chaos, both parties have once again retreated from Kashfa, leaving you lot an opportunity, as usual, to help yourself to more power, money and other niceties of life, not necessarily in that order. However, there is little money to be had, as the last few harvests have been dismal and the treasury is woefully empty. Luckily, an opportunity presents itself: a rich Chaosian media tycoon offers a substantial amount for the exclusive broadcasting rights of your everyday life.
You wondered a little why anyone would be interested, but the money was too good to refuse. Soon, however, you will discover the price of Celebrity!
Characters: This is a merry backstabbing comedy freeform in the more or less continuing setting of the rather corrupt banana republic of Kashfa. Players will be playing members of the governing council. They get to choose a basic concept and stats before the game ( a short contact before the con is therefore mandatory), and the GMs will write individual background, plots, motivations and goals to make sure everybody can play and interact with everybody else.
Returning players get priority, but we have plenty of open slots for new players. Returning players can bring old characters or create new ones (after all, the wheel of fortune in Kashfan politics spins wildly).
Kashfa is a setting where character flaws in PC’s are larger than life, loyalty and competence are not in great supply, especially not in your followers, so basically expect things not to go as planned. On the other hand, since that is also true for the opposition, anything goes.
Players: 8 – 10