Gamebook 2019

Slot 1: (Friday evening 7:30pm until late)

1/1 Burning Coal
GM: Vivek Dasmohapatra
It is the turn of the [19th] century: The great imperial powers vie for dominance, fuelled by coal and steered by the industrial combines and their brass-and-steel difference engines:
But not all their conflicts are played out in the open, by displays of military might or commercial conflicts – there are other, more shadowy arenas where the Great Game is also played.
At the heart of the British Empire we find The Ministry (it has a name, officially, on paper – but never speak it. It is always just The Ministry).
Home to the freak, the monster, the superhuman, the undead, the spy, the assassin and the mad scientist* and those simply… less trammeled by ordinary moral considerations.
This means you.
Players should pick an archetype or template to build their character on – Mad Scientist*, Monster, Super-spy, Werewolf, Golem, Demon-ridden Sorceress – feel free to plunder any and all of Pulp, Sci-Fi, Fantasy for an idea (or even come up with your own).
That’s who your character is. There should be a reason the ministry would want to employ you – some extraordinary ability, power or skill-set. There should also be a reason you work for the ministry:
They might have stayed your execution for a crime (real or framed) in return for your service. Maybe they pay you vast sums of money. Perhaps they are the only source of a drug you need. Or possibly you’re just the right mix of patriotic and amoral that you do it because you want to.
In addition to that, pick one attribute or “”stat”” which you excel at.
You may pick additional stats at which you excel, but you must balance every extra superhuman stat with one at which you are inferior.
You will be considered to be at the high-end of human for any stat that is not noted as either Superior or Inferior.Some examples:

Tough Fragile

* Individuals with Anoteroskepsitic Hysteria  prefer the term “Enlightened Engineer”
Characters: Starting characters must be willing (or at least unable to refuse) to work for the Ministry.
Players: 4 – 6

1/2 The Amber Life of Pets
GM: Sandy Matthews
You are the animal companions of students at the Port Grey Academy. They are due to go on a special weekend trip into the wilderness without their instructors for the first time.
There have been rumours of bandit activity in the area and even the potential sighting of Ranger Tarvis, the treacherous Dolphite supporter who disappeared two years earlier.
The teenagers have all been well trained and deserve a chance to prove themselves. What could possibly go wrong.
Characters: Characters are built on 50 points roughly based on the Amber Artifact and Creature worksheet, but with specific powers available.
Choose from either a cat, dog, horse, bird, rodent or another creature if you give a sufficiently good argument. You can all communicate telepathically, but cross-species misunderstandings are not uncommon.
Players: 6

1/3 Hostile Territory
GM: Simone Pharoah-Metcalf
While dealing with the plague, poisonings, riots, Chaos agents, hellhounds and the land kraken, Random may possibly have not been paying enough attention to events in the Golden Circle. Now it seems there could be a bit of a pirate problem developing, but luckily he has just the agents to send to fix it.
Characters: You are Random’s trusted agents. Whether you got here on your own merits, or because someone else engineered it, you have apparently proven your loyalty to the Crown and are now well-placed to capitalise on the situation.
Characters could be career military, explorers, sneaky bastards or other interested parties. Some minor powers and abilities available. Character creation details will be sent out later.
This is a sequel to last year’s game, but new players are welcome.
Players: 6 – 8

1/4 Night Watch Amber
GM: Diana Probst
The King’s Bodyguard was split into two parts, Night Watch and Day Watch, by its captain, Benedict.  The two get along well, for the most part, especially as Benedict is quick to spot problems.
However, it has been over a decade since Night Watch had problems, and young Prince Random is due back in town.  Corwin is well known to hate Benedict, Bleys and his gang are a major risk to security, good taste, and Captain Benedict’s private brandy store, and Caine likes stabbing people.  Don’t ask about Fiona or Deirdre, and nobody will have to answer you.
You will play members of the watch or people who have a significant connection to Amber, such that the bond of all citizens to serve their nation may be invoked.
Players from last year’s Game (Prince Random Loses at Poker) are very welcome to return, but this year’s game will be designed so that no previous knowledge is required.
Characters: Characters will be generated according to a system that is not ADRPG, and bears more resemblence to FATE or FUDGE.  The GM can guide you through this, but you will need to be in contact in good time.
Players: 4 – 6

Slot 2 (Saturday day 9am – 5pm)

2/1 Pax Britannica
GM: Alastair Johnson

Pax Britannica (Latin for “British Peace”) is the period of relative peace in Europe and the world (1815 – the present) during which the British Empire has become the global hegemonic power and has adopted the role of a global police force.
We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.
William Ewart Gladstone, PM
Description: It is the year 1872 and Britain is riding high with its technology and industry delivering advances in military prowess as well as for the economy. The power of steam, advances in clockwork and creation of difference engines have delivered not just economic changes but also social and environmental ones too, even resulting in flight. But there is no room for complacency though as other countries and empires seek opportunities to advance their various causes usually at the cost of others.
For various reasons which are unique to each character, you are working for the Government, in particular Viscount Lord Melbourne (nephew of the Queen’s first PM). You have been chosen because of your exceptional if not unique abilities and prowess which Lord M, as he is affectionately referred to, puts to use when complications arise that “require a certain degree of secrecy and tact”.
You will be briefed on your mission by Lord M on a strictly need-to-know basis.
Characters: Characters are truly exceptional shadow dwellers that can be found in the fictional literature based in that period, or alternatively from your own imagination.
Although this is a continuation game, new players are very welcome.
Players: 6

2/2 Black Chamber: Dust from the archives
GM:  Pete Marshall
The Chaos Civil War continues with yesterday’s enemies being today’s allies and tomorrow’s betrayed, or betrayers. Amber seems happy to sit on the side-lines and support who can drag it out longest. Meanwhile this translates to no threats going in the direction of Earth.
“Maybe it’s time to find out about ###################.”
“Sorry, sort of lost focus there, could you repeat that?”
“I did, that was the fourth time, here read this.”
One fast read of the document later, the reader is asked if they got it.
“Got what?”
“What was in the document!”
“What document?”
“That document in your hand.”
“That’s just a blank sheet.
Long argument begins
Meanwhile on the other side of the one way mirror.
“That is one hell of a blood curse, I’ve never heard of one that messed with memories, usually they can be summed up as die, die, die.”
“So how are you avoiding it McLeod?”
“I’m not, I’m just avoiding knowing anything about the subject of the curse, which means my knowledge of the curse itself doesn’t get messed with.”

Your team has been selected for the exciting job of investigating an effect that seems to manipulate or erase recordings, documents and even memories except for those of a small group of people. You might be one, then again maybe not.
 Characters: PCs are humans, with 20 points for stats starting from human, further 15 points for skills (mods to the underlying stats in suitable cases) and 15 for powers. Players will be sent notes describing character generation & other alterations to the rules.
Current time setting for this game is end April 2017
Players: 6 – 7

2/3 The Barimen Job
GM: Jason Pickering
The plan in principle was simple.
To some, it would seem little more than a raid on one of the most secure buildings in the centre of the city, but to Oberon it was a statement. A statement to those who opposed him, as it would show everyone who was truly in control of the city.
To demonstrate the ability to strike wherever and whenever he wanted, it would send a message to the so-called civil authorities and those upstarts to the South and keep them in their place. He knew that among his family, he had available the talents, skills and creativity necessary to pull this off, despite whatever measures the opposition could muster.
Oberon strolled back in off the balcony back into his study, he called to one of his bodyguards that were always outside, awaiting his beck and call.
“Sir?” the guard inquired sticking his head round the door.
“Get the word out, I’m calling a family meeting for tonight,” Oberon barked.
As the guard left to fulfil his master’s wishes, Oberon picked up a cigar from his desk and after lighting it, he went back to the balcony to inspect his domain.

The game is going to be a crime heist carried out by the Elders and set in the modern day (more or less) and therefore characters will be adapted accordingly.
Characters: Characters will be Elders as picked by the players before the Con,  although pregenerated by me. I will contact players with more details once games have been allocated.
Players: 5 – 7

2/4 PsiRun
GM: Andy Ransom
Whoever is after you, you know one thing: they will stop at nothing to capture you and you’ll stop at nothing to stay free.
The holes in your memory vie for attention with your startling abilities – stay one step ahead of the Chasers long enough to answer your questions, and hope your psychic powers don’t go wild.
Characters: This is a non-Amber game about characters with extraordinary powers and no memory of who they are.
See for more information, but no knowledge of the game is needed to play.
PsiRun normally uses dice, but as this is AmberCon I’ll be using a deck of cards as a randomiser instead.
Players: 6

Slot 3 (Saturday evening 7:30pm until late)

3/1 The Eye of the Serpent
GMs: Shadow & Natalie Amery
The King of Chaos and the Queen of Kashfa are still missing.  Osric has retreated for now into shadow around what appears to be a previously unknown Pattern.  While the Elders make sure he doesn’t leave, and protect Amber from any other plans he has set in motion, it is left to our heroes to try and flush him out.
Characters: All the books are loosely canonical. Players select their character’s grandparent.
The characters may divide into two or more  teams, and there may be competition between those teams.
The game is a continuation, but new players and characters are always very welcome.
Returning characters will receive a bonus which will depend on when they were last played.
New players should be aware that their characters MUST be created before the con, and it would be helpful to receive their grandparent and a trump image quickly.
New characters will be Amber + Pattern + 50 points to spend as you like – see for details.
Players: 6 – 14

3/2 Black Night and Cold Stars
GM: Herman Duyker
The snow stopped falling a few weeks back , but the winter surrounding the City of Amber and the lands around wouldn’t end. It is bitter cold still, far past the Winter Solstice and Twelfth Night. The nights are long and black, the cold stars shining down while the ghosts seem to have come down from Tir-na Nog’th and wander the streets of the City.
You, the people of the City, are wondering how long this strangely long, cold winter will hold, and if you will survive…
NOTE: This will be an Amber City story. This story is more of a continuation of last year’s game, “”The Dead of Winter””, and plays on the same “”stage”” as my earlier games set in the City of Amber.
All players (new and old) are certainly welcome.
Mail me at for more information.
Characters: You will be playing “normal” people living in the City or Castle of Amber. 50 points, no Pattern or Logrus, no exalted powers, no constructs, “0” point level for stats is Human.
More info will be sent out before the ‘Con.
Players: 4 – 6

3/3 Red Dawn
GM: Alan Wake
“A revolution is always distinguished by impoliteness, probably because the ruling classes did not take the trouble in good season to teach the people fine manners.” (Trotsky)
The Empire of Chaos has been broken in a fruitless war. In the aftermath, friend is turned against friend; neighbour against neighbour. As the Solstice ends and the long night begins, who will be strong enough to bring on the new day?
Characters: Characters are Chaosian survivors of the war based on 50pts.  More info here:
Players: 6 – 8

Slot 4 (Sunday 10am – 6pm)

4/1 Black Chamber: Solace to the one that’ll never see the sun shine
GM: Pete Marshall

Voice 1: “I feel your presence in my mind, the time seems to stop I set you free.”
Voice 2: “I’m free, I’m free, and freedom tastes of reality, I’m free! I’m free? And I’m waiting for you.”
Voice 2?: “Every time it seems to me that fiction and reality melt together for eternity.”
Voice 1: “If I told you what it takes to reach the highest truth, you’d scream and cry ‘nothing’s that simple’. Remember the coldest blood runs through my veins, you know my name.”
Voice 2?: “Tick tock, tick tock madness comes tonight. What’s reality compared to me?”
Voice 2: “When you took the life did you know what you got? Odds are you didn’t like what it is.”
Voice 1: “When the storm arrives would you be seen with me, by the merciless eyes of deceit? I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights, but you yourself are nothing so divine, Just next in line. Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you. You know my name.”

Then you wake up screaming coated in rivulets of sweat and twitching as your body tries to bring the flush of adrenaline under control. Your sleep for the last fortnight has been like this. Ever since….
Characters: PCs are humans, with 20 points for stats starting from human, further 15 points for skills (mods to the underlying stats in suitable cases) and 15 for powers. Players will be sent notes describing character generation & other alterations to the rules.
Current time setting for this game is mid May 2017
Players: 6 – 7

4/2 Blandings and the House of Cards
GM: Mel Mason
The very sudden disappearance of the Lord Mayor of Market Blandings (together with Miss Tibbins, the Town Clerk, and a very considerable proportion of the funds raised for Market Blandings’ new town clock) means that an election is needed. Members of the aristocracy are allowed to stand … and Aunt Flora believes there can be no finer candidate for Mayor of Market Blandings than the Earl of Emsworth himself (Erik may have other ideas). Unfortunately there seem to be other candidates in the field … that bounder Lord Tilbury, for one. And there are rumours that there could be a third somewhat unexpected candidate … All this, and a wedding to prepare for too. Because the bridal shower is planned for Miss Bayle … and the time is coming for her to choose her bridesmaids.
This game is a continuation of PG Wodehouse /Amber crossover game, set in the Wodehousian universe, with elements of the thrillers of the 1930s – Dornford Yates, Sapper, John Buchan and Bulldog Drummond.
Characters: 100 point characters. New and returning characters are welcome.
We’ll be using a variant of the Gentlemen and Players rules here, created by Timothy Ferguson (see As ever, I’ll supply full notes.
Players: 8 – 12

4/3 Descendants of Amber
GM: Andy Ransom
Description: Y
ou always knew you were different, special in some manner, but you didn’t know why until you were contacted by a mysterious stranger calling himself Ghost. He told you you were not alone that there were others like you and what’s more there were also people hunting you!
A game based on Shadow Earth with a slightly Heroes-esque (as in the TV show) flavour.
Note this is a new scenario and while it will build on the events of last year’s game, no previous knowledge is required, new and returning players welcome.
Characters: Characters are all of the blood of Amber but grew up on shadow Earth with no knowledge of Amber or shadow. Powers and abilities will be limited to those you could have inherited or learned while growing up on Earth (basically no Pattern/Logrus/Trump or Shadow travelling abilities).
Full rules for character generation to be provided before the Con.
Players: 6